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Diaspora Investment in Kenya

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Investing in Kenya Picture Drawing - Files Investing in Kenya Picture Drawing - Files

“When China opened up its economy to investments, It experienced the greatest economic boom mankind has ever witnessed,” said Mr mcGuire at the WPI China-U.S business conference last year. A similar boom is emerging in Africa with Kenya as one of the lead nations. The biggest sign has been of the banks rapid growth. In 2006 the customer deposits for a bank like Co-operative bank were less than Kshs 50 billion this has almost tripled in the last 5 years to approach a level of about Kshs 150 billion.

Whereas the Diaspora have also contributed it is important for the Diaspora Kenyans to become investors in the Kenya economy and not be left in the boom. The boom mainly will involve the shaping of the food industry, housing industry, education and health sector which are the four basic needs for a society.

Many organizations and professionals have also started to offer products of investment that many in the Diaspora can explore. One such product was the Fep Investment that promised one to invest Kshs 380,000 to grow to Kshs 200 million in wealth. Other investments include the capital markets where several shares and bonds are coming up, Big settlement projects like: Tatu city, Konza city or Kenya University Project. 

From the government side there is the infrastructure bonds as well as Savings Development Bonds that are being considered. All in all this would be a great time to invest in Kenya.    


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