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Facts of Manhattan, New York City

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Mercy, Promoter of New York/New Jersey Kenya Events Pic-Files Mercy, Promoter of New York/New Jersey Kenya Events Pic-Files

Manhattan is one of 5 boroughs of New York City and is the home of the United Nations headquarters where every year leaders from the entire world converge for a UN meeting. As Kenyan events promoter Mercy, who lives across the Hudson River and promotes “President Kibaki Meeting with Kenyans” during the President visit to Manhattan, New York City will tell you, Manhattan is not just one of the cities of the Eastern Coastline of the U.S. Manhattan is the city. Some of the amazing facts of Manhattan include:

Manhattan with a population of 1.58 million is the third most populous borough of the 5 boroughs that form New York City 8.17 million residents.  The most populous is Brooklyn with a population of 2.50 million people, Queens follows with 2.23 million, Manhattan is 3rd, then Bronx with 1.38 million people and finally Staten Island 470,000 people.

Manhattan is made up of about 59.47 km² approximately 14,700 acres of which 2,600 acres are allocated to parks. Central park the largest park in New York City being made up of 843 acres of land.  The city population density is thus about 26,500 people for every square kilometer.

At its highest level Manhattan had a population of 2.3 million people in 1910. However, in the last 100 years the population has decreased by about 30% to the current level to 1.57 million residents. 

Manhattan is defined as the financial center of the United States and the World. Wall Street in the South side of Manhattan is the home to the biggest capital market of the world, “DOW JONES.” Many of the largest banks in the U.S and in the World have their headquarters in Manhattan.

Manhattan is the Media center of the United States and the World and the biggest media companies in the world have their headquarters in Manhattan. All three major networks of the U.S. NBC, ABC and FOX have their main offices in New York.

The Manhattan grid plan of road system that is made up twelve numbered avenues running north and south roughly parallel to the shore of the Hudson River, with First Avenue on the east side and Twelfth Avenue in the west, a few other avenues east of First Avenue number Avenue A to Avenue D and 220 streets numbered from Street 1 to Street 220 run from east to west is one of the best planned grid systems in the world. The plan makes Manhattan one of the friendliest city for visitors to drive expect in the Wall Street section. 

Manhattan led in the skyscraper development with the world tallest building located in Manhattan from 1890 to 1974 a total of 84 years until the twin towers which stood at 417 m and 415 m had 110-storys. They were surpassed by Willis Tower in 1974 formerly known as the Sears tower located in Chicago. The twin towers in Manhattan were destroyed by terrorists on September 11 2001. Currently the tallest building in world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai and stands at 828 meters tall more than double the Empire State building, that is the tallest building in Manhattan.

Empire State Building, the tallest building in Manhattan and in New York city at 381 meters tall. It also holds the record of the tallest building in Manhattan built at the fastest time. Empire State building was constructed in 14 months from start to completion. 

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