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Import & Export Businessman’s Perspective on Business

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Peter Njiru Peter Njiru

Peter Njiru is a business man who imports clothes, shoes, and handbags from Turkey, China and Dubai for sale in Kenya. He says that even if he were to live in a different lifetime, he would still engage in the same business. He says he has mingled with business people in different countries and the experience he has gotten is really good.

Peter always wanted to do business ever since he was in high school.  He says that his desire to be independent, be his own boss and have a lot of money drove him into business immediately after high school in the year 2000.  He first owned a shop which he ran for three years.  He says that it became boring sitting in a shop the whole day and decided to do something different.  He decided to go to college to do a course in tours and travel.  His aim was to own tour vehicles that would help tourists go around the country.  When he graduated, he tried to get hired but it proved difficult.  He did not have enough capital to buy a vehicle so he abandoned the project all together.

In 2008, he decided to go to Dubai to look for a job where he landed in a clothes store in Dubai mall as a merchandiser.  He says that his experience there could not be compared to Kenya.  He met all sorts of people who come there since Dubai mall is a one stop shop for most people who come to Dubai.  He learnt all sorts of fashion most of which is ladies clothes.  The way of advertising and exhibition done at the stores there was of international standards something which he was proud of.  His store sent him and many of his colleagues to many other countries including some in Africa like South Africa where new stores with their clothing line were opened.  He says that this was an experience that could not even be gained in class and he wanted something of his own similar to this.

Armed with all this knowledge and after three years and enough savings, he decided to come back to Kenya to see what he could do for himself.  He did some research and found out that he could be a supplier of clothes, shoes and handbags to business people in Kenya.  He understood the job market well and got his first order.  He says that it was expensive for him at first paying import duty, air ticket, capital for the goods and accommodation.  He did not make much at first but persisted.  He orders eventually grew and he decided to try out other countries like turkey and china which he says are cheap too. While in china he discovered the business of electronics but decided not to pursue it opting to remain in the clothes business.

He says that many people say that they cannot venture into the clothes business because almost everybody is doing it.  He discourages this line of thought because not every business is the same.  He says that everybody has his own style and niche and encourages anyone who wants to venture in to do it without delay.  He says that the profits are good and the experience of travelling to different countries and meeting different personalities is a good thing.  He says that business exposes one to different ways of learning life apart from earning an income.

He gives a word of advice to all youths who keep crying that they have no jobs.  He encourages them to try doing any kind of business as he knows for sure that if done properly, all businesses grow to something big.  He insists that even if he was offered a well paying job, he wouldn’t trade it for his business.

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