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Role of Diaspora in Building a Better Kenya

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Diaspora Kenyans Nyama Choma and Kenya Business Day. Diaspora Kenyans Nyama Choma and Kenya Business Day.

The recently concluded U.S – Africa summit saw the amount of money set aside for Power Africa reach $26 billion and pointed to six African countries. On average if each was to get an equal share the amount would be about $4.3 billion in projects. However, the fact is the most money will go to the most aggressive nation.

In the recent Young African Leaders Initiative Kenya bagged 46 of the 500 YALI participates about 9%. In the recent concluded U.S-Africa summit the President Uhuru Kenyatta team is reported as turning the summit to become U.S – Kenya summit. The Kenyans in Kenya are now more aggressive than ever.

This leads us to the question of the role of the Diaspora. We know China will be building th roads and railways. We now know the U.S will be work on the power. So what should Kenyans in Diaspora engage in? 

Kenyans in the Diaspora have the best opportunity now to invest heavily in the housing sector. Currently the World Bank has pumped in finance to the Kenya banks to anchor the mortgage sector. This means there is a healthy finance for finished houses. It is time now for the Diaspora to take this opportunity. 
Kenyans in the banking sector are very aggressive in tapping and helping the Diaspora channel their investments to Kenya. In a recent Diaspora summer Nyama Choma and business day when investing in Kenya is exploreed, an official of a Kenya bank visiting the region also brought the financing products from his Bank tothe Nyama choma and investment in Kenya discussion forum.   
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