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Business Growth in County Governments

For business people and projects developers the 34 functions The National Government and 14 functions of The County Governments is the starting point of business development research. Listening and debating with Kenyans, it is apparent some Kenyans living abroad do not want to put time to understand the constitution as the supreme authority and based on deriving the power from the people as they look to start business in Kenya.
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Kenya 47 Counties & Business Opportunity

On March 2013 there will be 47 Governors and 47 county assemblies. Do you know where each county is located in the country map? What the land size of the county is? What the current population that currently lives in the county is? What are the natural resources in the county? The following data will help you locate the county. If you can be able to locate all the counties and learn as much about them, you should consider becoming candidate for Kenya Billionaire 2013 – 2017. ...
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David Karangu Answers: Are Business People & Politicians Friends?

“I say that tribal politics is for the Wazees... In 1963, there was no tribalism in Kenya. We were united against colonialism. Today we need to be united against poverty, disease and ignorance,” says David Karangu as he answers on the connection of Business and Politics in any society. He says, “Business is affected by politics especially when the business community is pitted against the poor, unions etc.”...
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Kenya Showcasing her projects in Washington D.C

With determination to attract investors and eager American companies ready to accord them audience, Kenyan delegates to the US-Africa business summit in Washington, D.C have hit the ground running to showcase investable projects back home. The two-day summit organized by the United States Corporate Council on Africa has brought together American companies and African technocrats to brainstorm on investment opportunities in the continent. ...
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Facts of Manhattan, New York City

Manhattan is one of 5 boroughs of New York City and is the home of the United Nations headquarters where every year leaders from the entire world converge for a UN meeting. As Kenyan events promoter Mercy, who lives across the Hudson River and promotes “President Kibaki Meeting with Kenyans” during the President visit to Manhattan, New York City will tell you, Manhattan is not just one of the cities of the Eastern Coastline of the U.S. Manhattan is the city. Some of the amazing facts of Manhattan include: ...
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Diaspora Investment in Kenya

“When China opened up its economy to investments, It experienced the greatest economic boom mankind has ever witnessed,” said Mr mcGuire at the WPI China-U.S business conference last year. A similar boom is emerging in Africa with Kenya as one of the lead nations. The biggest sign has been of the banks rapid growth. In 2006 the customer deposits for a bank like Co-operative bank were less than Kshs 50 billion this has almost tripled in the last 5 years to approach a level of about Kshs 150 billion....
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Entrepreneurial Inspiration Quotes from Electric Bulb Inventor

Thomas Edison held a world record 1,093 patents. The following are some inspiration quotes for one of the greatest entrepreneur, innovator and inventor. ...
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