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What is Happening to Men of the Cloth in This generation?

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Religion is sacred to a lot of people and most people who subscribe to it, especially Christians, expect holiness in its highest form. Pastors who have been entrusted with taking care of the flock in the church are expected to uphold the highest standards of holiness and one step out of line is met with harsh criticism. Bishops, Reverends and Pastors are held in very high esteem and any utterances they make are believed to be directly coming from God.

Pastors preach about sanctity, holiness, faithfulness and trust which it is assumed most of them adhere to. The Ten Commandments as captured in the Bible are their basis and they are the first to be condemned when they do not follow the holy laws.  Marriages today have become a joke and barely last two years. This has been blamed on lack of commitment and faithfulness to the marriage.  Most men of God seem to be falling into this trap, an institution that they are expected to uphold.

Cases of Men of God being found with other people’s wives or clandestine lovers are now on the increase, making national news almost everyday.  Just yesterday, Pastor Geoffrey i of Redeemed Gospel Church (New Life Temple) Nairobi collapsed and died in the house of a woman in Buruburu Estate. The 70 year old pastor is believed to have taken an overdose of Viagra, a sex enhancing drug which led to his death.  His body was found in the woman’s bedroom naked. The woman in her defense of how the pastor ended up in her bedroom said that the pastor had come to pray for her as he usually does and then he felt tired and decided to rest on her bed.  She also said that the pastor frequents her house because he is a close friend of hers.

Just last week, another pastor was caught red handed in a hotel room with another mans’ wife, the woman being one of his church members. The husband of the woman who had been hearing rumours about the two laid a trap for the pastor and he fell into it.  Pastor Anthony Maina of the Kenya assemblies of God, Eastern gate church was forced to run for his dear life while the cameras glared at the spectacle.  Pastor Anthony Maina later showed up with his wife Beth Maina, and two children, apologizing for the events that had taken place.  He however defended himself saying he had not committed adultery with the woman when they were flushed out of a hotel room at Karatina town, Nyeri County.

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