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Gifts Come From God

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District 7 talent presentations District 7 talent presentations

PCEA Neema Church members of eight districts presented their talents as they worshiped God, glorified God, educated and entertained each other. Six groups sang songs and two groups performed drama. In about one hour and half hours the talents showcased brought were educative, humorous and most important delivered the message of God. God’s servant, Njonge, who preached the message summed the talents with the words, “Gifts come from God.” He added that it is good to showcase them.

The uniform dressing by the performers further showcased the talent of each group in matching their dressing with their presentation. Dr. Nelly Kangethe who was visiting from Baltimore, MD to present the Kenya University Project – Medical Hospital Plan on seeing the talent show performance was overjoyed. She stated, “These were great worship performances. I enjoyed them. If Kenyans use their gifts and talents they could do much in both the U.S and even in Kenya to make their communities better.” 

One of the dramas captured how overworking to compete in making wealth can harm the family. This is when both parents work and forget to have time for their children who then could end up drinking and arrested for driving under the influence (DUI.) The other drama captured how different people celebrate Easter. The act that some celebrate Easter as a time to drink and party showcased a drunkard insulting chirsitians and one christian getting angry and at the point of attacking the drunk the switch from a scene of almost an attack to a musical was a great act.    

Equally thrilling, enjoyable, educative and full of worship were the songs performed by six districts of the eight districts. The song sang by district seven of the responsibility of a parent to the child performed in traditional attire was educative and good to listen. The performance of the crucifixion and rise of Jesus Christ by another district was excellect. So were the other performances. 

The performances showed the spirit of togetherness of the PCEA Neema Church that since its creation has become the largest Kenya church in Massachusetts. The main church sermon is done in in the Kenya Kikuyu language. 

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