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Terry Kairu for Kiambu County Senate

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Our present leadership has failed Kenya. Kenyan political leaders have failed to keep the goal of the economic vision for Kenya to one that would enable all parents to feed their children daily, educate them and keep them healthy. The year 2012 is a call for patriotic men and women of Kenya who have a passion to serve and are not looking to elevate themselves to a pedestal of “untouchables” through overtaxing Kenyans to pay themselves the highest pay in the world, grabbing land and misusing allocated CDF money. 2012 is the year Kenya changes and starts its economic rise. 2012 is the year Kenyans from abroad join the race. 2012 is the year Kenyans refuse poor leadership. I herewith declare my intentions to vie for the seat of Kiambu Senator.

The new constitution gave Kenya a new dawn. However, rather than respect what 67% of the Kenyans approved, the “untouchables” decided they were above the constitution. They decided they were not going to pay taxes as required by the law passed by millions on August 4th 2010. They decided they were going to find ways to manipulate the constitution to there advantage. Seeing such disrespect of the constitution made me realize Kenyan needs new leadership before 40 million of her citizens are dragged into another ditch.  

Our responsibility to the next generation
As a young girl growing up and going to School in Nairobi, l had a burning desire to be successful in life. I became an entrepreneur and started my own business in my early thirties; I struggled every day to become a successful business woman in Kenya.  For our young Kenyans, l want to tell them there is hope. I firmly believe that our next generation needs an opportunity to achieve their dreams. Elected leaders are given the responsibility of ensuring that the citizens who choose to become entrepreneurs have a chance to be successful in growing their businesses through hard work. Having run a business in Atlanta, Georgia in USA, I know that the environment offered for business growth in Georgia through good roads, police security that keeps crime low, low insurance rates, efficient government services and the right amount of taxation is what has kept me and other business people working hard. 

Diaspora for 2012 Candidates 
The constitution allocated seats for Kenyans to choose their next leaders their next destiny. Kenyans who lived in Kenya and then relocated abroad have had a chance in understand how economic progress occurs. With Kenyans from abroad entering the race then the economic welfare of Kenyans will be discussed first. Kenyans will have a wider choice. I believe wholeheartedly that Kenyans from abroad have so much that we can give back and add value to our country by leading the growth. I have no doubt that once Diaspora candidates are elected the brain drain that Kenya has experienced in 50 years will be reversed. Doctors, lecturers, professionals and business people who have expertise in building developed economies will be lured back. The dream of Kenya will start shaping itself as the platform by the Kenyans from abroad team of doubling the economy from the current Kshs 5 trillion GDP to Kshs 10 trillion and creates 5 million new jobs in implemented. As Senator I can assure you that I will be advancing the bills that shape this growth.  

My Background
Currently, I’m a Regional Vice President and a Registered Principal in the Financial Industry. I operate a Brokerage Office in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

I grew up in Nairobi, attended School in Nairobi and Kianda College, Nairobi. I would later work with the Kenya Railways, Kenya Power & Lighting, Kenya Ports Authority and then Bamburi Portland Cement, in Mombasa.

In 1986 I decided to venture into business fulltime having being born and raised by parents who were self-employed and later married to a family of entrepreneurs. As a business woman I would travel to Italy, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, India, Tunisia, Egypt, Spain, France, Thailand, Luxemburg, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. The poor government systems in Kenya would lead me to relocate to the U.S where after settling I would start a financial business in Atlanta.  
In trying to find ways to improve Kenya through business growth I was one of the delegates who participated when Kenya and South Africa signed an agreement to allow their citizens to travel without VISAS.  I was also a delegate with the Ministry of Trade, a trip that took us to France to look for new markets for Kenyan products.

I’m a Board member of Kenya Community in Atlanta and member of other organizations e.g. Baraka Springs LLC, FEP Group of Companies and MGN LLC. 

As one who loves education I became interested in the Kenya University Project which I saved to become a pioneer. Every time it has failed to advance because some landowner who ended up allocated thousands of acres will not accept terms yet holds the idle has made me reach a decision that there is need for change in Kenya.      

My Role in Senate
Three areas that I will concentrate on are as follows:

  1. My aspiration and passion is in the Financial and Insurance Industry that dictates every tenet and core of every society.  Having acquired a lot of experience in the Retirement Solutions and Insurance Industry, my goal will be to shape policy leading to implementation of viable solutions for the economic malaise in Kenya. Enabling growth of life insurance products through legislation that addresses accidental death to protect the family income, assets, and make sure children left behind after such a traumatic loss do not suffer another a second loss of lack income, is something I hold dear.
  2.  Year after year reports of floods Kenya are made. Then we are called for hunger fundraisers. We can eliminate this by better government policy that even leads to modern technology usage in farming. Kenya has the best weather pattern, enough rivers and compared to any state in the U.S. should be ashamed for begging food.
  3.  Having been an entrepreneur for over three decades, I understand the complexity of creating business. I also understand that without the entrepreneurial spirit no economy can ever grow. There is much that can be done through incentives that create new synergy and motivates inventions and innovations from our citizens. This will help our country to retain our geniuses that are being poached by the West, in the context of “brain drain,” after we have used our resources to educate them.

Kiambu County Growth
Four areas I will work on to improve the economy of Kiambu

  1. Kiambu, Thika, Limuru, Ruiru and Githuguri in five years should emerge as industrial, hospitality and well planned settlement cities.
  2.  As senator land efficiency usage will be my priority and the first bill I will introduce in the senate. I cannot seat back and watch Kiambu residents go without food when a few people own thousands of acres that is not been farmed. If one just wants to have a  portfolio of owning thousands of acres, I suggest one go find land in the North of Canada region but not in Kiambu County. I have followed the Tatu City from afar and have been told the landowners want Kshs 11 billion. Once I get the full details the investors and Kiambu residents who were hoping to get jobs can be assured the project will kick off and land in Kiambu utilized to meet the needs of Kiambu residents.
  3.  With the population growing, we I will work to see bills in the Senate are passed geared toward making it easy to build high-rise apartments that ease the pressure on the land storages.
  4.  The 21st century will see the world move to Green Technology from cars to energy. I will work with the Kiambu team to see that some of the emerging technologies are produced in Kiambu for global supply.

Killing Corruption 
Living in a developed country has made me hate corruption. The stories of leaders hiding money in freezers have made me see how the mind is so weak. The difference is the developed nations put these corrupt minds in jail; our leaders protect them. We cannot have a society where one class is protected when corrupt. I can only state that I will have zero tolerance on corruption. I also note corruption may take many forms. For example, What justification did those MP’s who legislated to be the highest paid have in overtaxing others to pay themselves? As senator you can be assured that I kill corruption and represent the public interest only. 


To contact Terry Email: tk4kiambu@gmail.com


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