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Murang’a - The Green County

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Muranga Sacco building in Muranga Muranga Sacco building in Muranga

Murang’a is indeed a green and one can easily and correctly come to the conclusion that residents of Muranga never sleep hungry. A drive through Muranga invites one to feast his or her eyes on the beauty of the region that is doted with nothing but green. Even as Kenyans in the Diaspora prepare to participate in the leadership of this country that will see Kenya’s economy grow, in Murang’a, they will only improve on what already exists.

Region Environment

A visit to the County leaves one with a sense of admiration for the hard work that has led to an environment of green leafy plantations. Not forgetting also the beautiful trees, hills, volcanic rocks, rivers.  As one drives throughout the region and into Murang’a town, one cannot also fail to notice how clean the town is. This town can pass the test of being one of the cleanest towns in Kenya followed by Thika Town.

Main Economic Activities

Residents of Murang’a are not only farmers but hardworking farmers. The locals engage in farming of bananas, maize, pawpaws, mangoes and avocadoes. One can also not fail to notice the nappier grass that is planted on the edge of most farms. This tells that they engage in a lot of cattle rearing. One cannot also fail to notice the many tree nurseries that exist in the area. The locals believe in planting trees. Residents also engage in a lot of business not only in the town but also along the road. When one is travelling, he or she gets the pleasure of buying farm products from the luxury of his or her car as locals have made this possible through their entrepreneurial skills. In Murang’a town most businesses set up are bookshops and school uniform distributors. When I asked why this is so, I was told that the area has a lot of schools and the businesses set up serves the schools. Other common businesses that dot the town include boutiques, insurance firms and a lot of Sacco’s including; Muramati Sacco a well known and successful Sacco, Murati Sacco and Murang’a Teachers Sacco among many others.

Education Levels Achieved and People’s Aspirations

One cannot be wrong in saying that residents of Murang’a believe and value education. This is evidenced by the many upcoming private colleges that are found in the region and especially the town. Murang’a Institute, Providence Institute and Providence Institute are the ones that one easily identifies when he or she enters the town. The only Public College in the region is Murang’a College of Technology.  The College has a lot of students and shows a lot of potential of growing big. A visit to the college revealed some of the plans of the college. It is set to become a constituent college of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology by June this year.

Buildings and Types of Settlements

The tallest building in Murang’a town is Ichahorio with six floors. Other buildings with four to five floors include Bishop Ng’ang’a Arahuka Complex which is currently being constructed to add on some more floors, and CDM centenary house that hosts Equity bank.

Outside of the town, most residents of this area live in permanent structures or permanent homes as most people like to put it. One cannot help but admire the homes as they are also beautifully fenced with kay apple fences. To find any idle land in this region is not possible as most of it is cultivated. That which is not cultivated has trees that residents say helps bring rain to the region and enhance their farming and food production. It is no wonder that the region will remain green and the locals will never sleep hungry. 

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