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Beautiful Taita-Taveta County

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View of Taita Taveta County View of Taita Taveta County

Taita Taveta County is a county with beautiful sisal estates. A dry region in nature, littered with shrubs and scattered trees, the beautiful green sisal plants captivate the eye as one stares at this long lines of plants. One of the big sisal farms is located at the outskirts of Voi town and can be viewed while standing at Petro Petrol Station. “The big farm is owned solely by a Mr. Basil Criticos,” a local tells me about the Sisal estate that is not only a lifeline but is also a big employer in a region that is full of squatters and many landless. The sisal once harvested Voi Sisal factory for processing and the factory is a big employer and the pride industry of Voi and Taita Taveta region.

As one travels into Voi and out all the way to Mariakani, one cannot fail to notice the poor housing in the area with shanties that closely resemble manyattas. As one imagines this county that is also home to the National Parks of Kenya one is left wondering. How can this be improved? Thanks to Kenya abroad initiative that the residents welcome wholeheartedly.  

Apart from the sisal farming, and despite the fact that this is a dry region, residents of Taita Taveta also try to do other types o f farming to put food on the table.  These include farming of maize and vegetables like cabbage and kales.  “It may not be on large scale but it is a good solution to begging and sleeping hungry,” says a local person.

Sand harvesting has for a long time been practiced on river Voi.  However today this has been banned by the government and NEMA, “It was a good source of income,” says a resident who adds that sand is a precious commodity used for construction and a goldmine to the desperate residents of this region. Apart from sand harvesting on the river, cultivation along the river banks is also done. 

Voi town has blossomed into a big town due to its location. The Mombasa highway with lots of vehicles traveling to and from Mombasa is a big business for the town.  The town is a popular stop for transit goods lorry drivers and this has led to the growth of affordable hotels and lodges in the town.

Taita Taveta county could be considered as a county waiting to have its dream created and with more education institutions like Bura Teachers Training College, Kenya Medical Training College Voi, Stanbridge College, Coast Institute of Technology Voi Campus, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Taita Taveta Campus, Tsavo Park Hotel Institute the county many be best place to settle from the congested Nairobi and Mombasa.  


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