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Top 10 Counties & Governors in Development 2013/2014

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47 Counties and our Projected 10 Top Development Counties 47 Counties and our Projected 10 Top Development Counties

“When China opened its doors in 1978 investors and entrepreneurs would enter the China market with over $100 billion capital and create an economic boom,” is a remark one will here in a business conference. Kenya 47 County doors can be open for development through capital investment. The 10 counties below are our top 10 predictions of counties and Governors who will improve their counties the most in order from the top by the end of the budget year 2013/2014. Our projection is based on Counties potential to attract private capital. The economic policy a Governor leads to enactment will determine if they can raise capital.

1. Machakos County of Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua 

Made up of about 1.57 million acres of land and an estimated population of about 1.1 million Machakos County will likely leap forward with about 20 major projects in different regions. With vast resources of water and two international roads crossing the County the County has the potential of reaching about Kshs 40 billion private capital investment in just 2013/2014 year.  The Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has already secured pledges of Kshs 56 billion. With Konza city Project also located in the County Machakos county could see the largest investment. We project that the direct amount spent or invested by private sector could reach Kshs 40 billion in 2013/2014 year. 

2. Taita-Taveta County of Governor John Mrutu

The County made up of 4.3 million acres of land has Tsavo East & Tsavo West national reserves 2.7 million acres of land and another 1.5 million acres of land. The Africa Development Bank announcement it will fund the Voi – Arusha international road could not have come at a better time. With the right economic policies the County natural resources: land, minerals, water, mountains and wildlife can look to attract Kshs 25 billion private capital in 2013/2014. Governor John Mrutu is lucky that he has Bishop Donald Mwawasi of Atlanta looking for potential investors.       

3. Nairobi County of Governor Evans Kidero

The home of National Government will develop mainly due to investments by National Government and other private institutions. Already University of Nairobi is starting a Kshs 2.3 billion building. The legislative arm budgeted to build an office tower at Parliament grounds. Governor Evans Kidero will likely also explore areas of the 175,000 acres County to lure Capital.  We predict a total private capital of about Kshs 25 billion for developments in the County 2013/2014. The population of Nairobi County may not grow for the first time as many in Nairobi relocate back to Counties.   

4. Kajiado County of Governor Dr. David Nkendienye  

Kajiando is made up of 5.4 million acres of land. If Governor Dr. David Nkendienye had moved faster than neighbor Dr. Alfred Mutua the pledged money would be in Kajiando County.  However he still has the resources and capability to tap close to Kshs 20 billion to invest in the county of about 700,000 people. Based on how he approaches his strategy Kajiando will likely be competing vigorously with the top three who all neighbor the county: Machakos County to the East, Taita Taveta County to the South, Nairobi County to the East. Kajiando will likely try to become the Film production County of Kenya if it can compete with Machakos which is already targeting this title. Finding a way to interlink Amboseli and Maasai Mara national reserves could add more capital.    

5. Nakuru County of Governor Kinuthia Mbugua 

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has a county made up of 1.9 million acres, several lakes and mountains. With a population of about 1.65 million, Nakuru County has been growing the fastest. Nakuru town has already embraced the culture of Las Vegas the Sin City in U.S. The Governor could take this opportunity to create the model of Las Vegas and attract capital that makes Nakuru City the entertainment center of Kenya. However, if the Governor does not move fast Isiolo that is modeled for this would take this title. Nakuru County can attract Kshs 20 billlion in private capital if well defined. 

6. Kwale County of Governor Salim Mvuria 

With a Coastline of about 100 kilometers and of this 50% formed as beach, Governor Salim Mvuria has no reason not to pull in Kshs 20 billion in investment capital in the county to expand the tourism sector. Coupled with the 2 million acres if well tapped the county with a population of 650,000 can have the fastest growth of jobs.  The only reason Kwale may not take off is if the Governor is unable to define the best way to put Kwale County land to use for the benefit of Kwale residents.     

7. Isiolo County of Governor Godana Doyo 

The County can lay claim that the most famous Prince William engaged his bride to be Kate at the County. With 6.4 million acres, Ewaso Nyiro River, Buffalo Springs National Park/Reserve and other reserves the County can define itself as a resort and entertainment county. Since the plan is ready the Governor should look to have the plan funded by Private sector rather than wait for public to fund. Further with anticipation of the Lamu Port, South Sudan and Ethiopia LAPSSET project and the County providing the exchange city to South Sudan, Ethiopia, Nairobi and Lamu Isiolo investment returns could be the highest based on a 5 year period. The County has the potential attracting Kshs 15 billion.    

8. Lamu County of Governor Issa Timani 

One would not expect a County with 200 kilometers coastline, 100 kilometers with beach sand, made up of 1.56 million acres land to have only 105,000 Kenyans living in it. With the anticipation of LAPSSET project LAMU Governor should move forward and try and attract Kshs 10 billion from private sector. His main challenge will be to make sure land is not used for speculative purposes by imposing a heavy property rate and penalty.   

9. Baringo County of Governor Cheboi Chesire 

Baringo County is in the top 10 because it is Senator Gideon Moi home County.  As head of KANU political party the oldest surviving party, if KANU will survive to the future them KANU has to develop one county. The Moi family can easily find Baringo County Kshs 10 billion from their resources and other investors.  With 2 million acres, a population of about 580,000, Mountains and Lakes Baringo & Bogoria; Governor Cheboi and Senator Moi can make this county be part of the top 10 if they work together.  

10. Kilifi County of Governor Amason Kingi 

The County in late 1960’s saw the Italians launch a rocket to space from the shores of Kilifi Coastline. With land area of 3.15 million acres that also includes Tsavo National Park and a coastline of about 300 km of which about one-third forms to beaches this county has the potential to have the most tourists every year. The County also has River Athi –Galana traversing through as the river pours to Indian Ocean. With a population of about 1.2 million, the County is ripe for growth. Governor Kingi hinted he would make sure land is developed. If the Governor opens up the land  Kshs 15 billion private capital will likely find its way to this County.     

5 counties that could edge out the predicted top 10 Counties. 

  1. Narok County
  2. Mombasa County
  3. Kiambu County
  4. Kisumu County
  5. Nyeri County

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