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Governor Dr. Mutua, 4000 Acres Machakos City & Jobs Creation!

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Dr.Alfred Mutua at Machakos city land to be developed.  Dr.Alfred Mutua at Machakos city land to be developed.

“Inspecting the progress of the road works accompanied by road engineers, physical planners, architects & investors,” Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua tweeted as he inspected the road works already underway in preparation for the ground breaking in the 4,000 acres Machakos City. The governor tweeted that the ground break is scheduled for the 5th.

The Governor also tweeted, “Part of my Manifesto focused on creation of jobs for the locals,” The Governor is already working hard as he leads Machakos county. On development he tweets, “People, It all involves hard work and determination.”

Congratulations to Governor Dr. Mutua who has captured the imagination of the devolved governments. “By making Machakos a business friendly county he will benefit the residents of the county,” Kenyans in Diaspora looking to invest in Kenya discuss. “By understanding his job, organizing his county, tapping the best talent, have discipline on money expense and most important working hard on a specific product the Governor has shown he can reduce the risks of investments.”   

Today the Governor has Kshs 289 billion pledged for construction. This to many means Machakos county locals will be getting the jobs in the coming months and years as this money flows into the project. The persons who voted for him can proudly say, “I did not waste my vote!”  

“Money follows other money,” is a researched fact. “Today every great idea wants to locate to Machakos county.” In discussions by Kenyans abroad looking to invest in Kenya questions like, “Have you looked at Machakos County?” are heard.  

There is no doubt that Dr. Mutua mentally planned for the job he sought and is many steps ahead of the other governors in understanding the role of a Governor as established by the new constitution. Indeed we can predict Governor Mutua will be the leading Governor 2013/2014 in private  development capital injected in any county. 

Based on the enthusiasm and speed he is working on it is possible that in just 2013/2014 Governor Mutua could lead Kshs 50 billion of the private capital inflow into Machakos county. Such an amount of money has the potential to create 50,000 new jobs as the 4,000 acres of idle land is put to use by establishing a new environmental and economical sustainable settlement.  

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