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A Vote for Bishop Mwawasi for Senate is a Vote for Jobs & Development

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Bishop Donald Mwawasi on the campaign trail. Bishop Donald Mwawasi on the campaign trail.

The message in Taita Taveta County is: “A vote for Bishop Mwawasi for Senate is a vote for jobs and development. Bishop Donald Mwawasi and his supporters have spent thousands of hours talking to Taita Taveta residents on jobs creation and development. Once elected Senator, Bishop Mwawasi will sponsor Bills for jobs creation and development of Kenya. The bills will enable Diaspora and County resident’s partner in the development of projects that create jobs for County residents and offer Diaspora opportunities to invest in Kenya to make a return. The bills will create about 100,000 new jobs in Taita Taveta County during 2017 - 2022.

The Bills:  

  1. National Government Incentives for Diaspora Bill. This bill will award National Government Incentives for Diaspora who invest in new projects in Kenya. 
  2. Capital Access to Diaspora Bill. The bill will enable Kenyan banks establish finance products for new projects. The Kenya banks loan advances are expected to gradually grow and reach Kshs 5 trillion. The bill will enable banks loan Diaspora who start a project. Bishop Mwawasi looks to have 4 projects started to create 80,000 jobs.  
  3. Partnerships with County Bill. The bill will provide an easy way for Diaspora to partner with counties and shall be established to plans that are anchored through Kenya Constitution article 185 (4) A county assembly may receive and approve plans and policies for— (a) the management and exploitation of the county’s resources; and (b) the development and management of its infrastructure and institutions. The goal to encourage Kenyans to write plans they can submit for consideration and approval by the County Assembly. 
  4. Partnerships with Communities Bill. Bishop Mwawasi was able to establish a partnership between of Diaspora and Community in Taita Taveta. The partnership is on track to become Diaspora University Town. Bishop Mwawasi once in the Senate will sponsor a Bill that provides a roadmap for Diaspora and Communities to partner in a project development that benefit the community with jobs and better standards of living as well as benefit the Diaspora investors with a return on the capital invested. 
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