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Diaspora Voting by Electronic or Mail-in Ballots

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IEBC Chairman Isaack Hassan and Vice Chairlady Lillian Mahiri. IEBC Chairman Isaack Hassan and Vice Chairlady Lillian Mahiri.

Anxiety is high in Diaspora for there is no information on the registration process at the Kenya Embassy at D.C and the Kenya consulate offices at New York and LA, the 3 polling stations for Kenya Elections 2013. Diaspora Kenyans are now starting to focus on Kenya Elections and the anger directed to the Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission IEBC commissioners is increasing. It is now becoming clear that the IEBC, 9 Commissioners goal was to deny Kenyans their right by hiding behind the word, “Progressive.” Those optimistic say the IEBC can still ensure interested Kenyan voters in the Diaspora, especially in North America by adopting the Electronic Voting or Mail-in voting system. Below the systems as continuously proposed by Diaspora since 2011 by Diaspora.

Electronic Registration 

IEBC can set guidelines in their website on how to register to vote. A Kenya abroad can then download and fill-in the form and mail it to Kenya or register online. This can be similar to registration used in U.S when mail-in ballots are requested. The person can indicate address and passport number (IEBC can get a record of all passports ever issued for verify this is genuine.) If need be one can also attach a scanned copy of passport and proof of address as the basis of verification.    

Electronic Voting

If this is system used then each registered voter would receive a code to log in and cast vote on Election Day through a set up voting system via computer. The code access number could also be tied with say 4 last digits of passport number. These once allocated and set up would mean on Election Day the person would access the voting site and vote during the allocated time.

Mail-in Ballots Voting

Ballots can be established based on the number of registered voters and a full proof system adopted. A 14 day period can be applied from dispatch of ballot to receipt of all ballots in Nairobi by the Election Day. The voters would thus be voting early as done in many other democratic nations. A voter can be required to post ballot 7 days before the election date. The IEBC can arrange for the ballots to be delivered in Nairobi through consolidated mail system through the postal services of country and on Election Day have all ballots received for counting.     

There is still a chance that the nine commissioners will consider this. 50 states in U.S just applied many of these systems and gave all citizens of U.S their right regardless of where they were in the world. Further the budgets would be far much less for both the commission and the voters if this systems were adopted.       

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