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“Jobs for Kenya Youth,” President Uhuru Kenyatta Boston Diaspora Message

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President Uhuru Kenyatta greets St Stephens Church -Lowell (Boston)  Children after performance. President Uhuru Kenyatta greets St Stephens Church -Lowell (Boston) Children after performance.

With millions of Kenyans unemployed in Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta concentrated on the creation of jobs as he talked to thousands of Diaspora Kenyans living in Boston—the largest crowd the President has ever addressed outside the Country as stated by Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed. Professor Raphael Njoroge founder of Kenya University Project discussing the speech said, “This was a great speech. This is what we are trying to do.” The Professor is looking to kick off a project that could lead to 20,000 jobs.

President Kenyatta on his part stated that the biggest resource in Kenya is not the minerals or oil. He said the biggest resource is human capital. He asked Kenyans to set up businesses for the youth in Kenya to run so this youth can work for them. The President made a strong pitch and worked hard to get the Diaspora to help him create new jobs. At one point he said, “Kenya trained you.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta who is now in the second year of his first term wants the Diaspora to help in creating jobs. He wants the Diaspora to become entrepreneurs and investors who make Kenya the land of opportunity similar to the U.S.

Can Diaspora take risks in creating new jobs? Prof. Njoroge answering this question stated that the Diaspora has an obligation to join President Kenyatta. However, he noted that for the President to be able to get Diaspora to work hard to create jobs there will need to be Diaspora incentives. He said this is possible through creating tax breaks and having efficiency in all government sectors servicing the Diaspora investment.  

A recent survey indicated that one out of three Kenyans has slept hungry recently. Sleeping hungry, can cause a person to be depressed. This is another reason the Diaspora should take the President Uhuru Kenyatta message seriously and work on getting Kenya to produce and supply enough food to all. 

In the last 25 years 1989 to 2014 about 300,000 Kenyans left Kenya and settled in the U.S. The economic opportunity in the U.S provided these Kenyans with about $15 billion dollars income as the U.S GDP rose from $6.8 trillion to $16.8 trillion a $10 trillion increase in last 25 years. 

Can Diaspora Kenyans in U.S who now have a collective income of $15 billion, are part of a $16.8 trillion economy help expand the economy? This is the answer the Kenyans in Diaspora will have to answer to President Uhuru Kenyatta through their actions.



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