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Kenyans in a House in U.S Kenyans in a House in U.S

As Kenyans gathered in a house in U.S a question formed inside my brain: When the word “House,” is stated what does one think? The answers were: One may think of the famous Dr. House who diagnosis health mysteries in the TV show House. “House of Representatives,” someone else may think with reference to application in politics. Majority will think of the building structure they are in at that given time. A house as a built structure is very important in everyday living.

A house in America is today also called the “American Dream.” The words “American Dream,” roots can be traced to the Declaration of Independence, made in 1776, and specifically to the proclaimed words, "all men are created equal" with the right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." 

Based on declaration that human beings have right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness the United States of America would become a developed nation. Over 100 million units of built up housing today enable those living in the nation achieve the right of life, liberty and happiness that is today called “American Dream.”   

A house in supporting the right to life anchors the water supply and waste disposal system. It further anchors the health and safety plan, especially during the time when the human body has to naturally sleep. As the world population has grown the house has become important in achieving the maximum possible years of life a person lives.  

How does a house contribute to right to liberty? Liberty is defined as the state or condition a person is able to act and speak freely. A house has enabled millions to achieve their liberty and freedom when inside the houses they live in where they can act and speak freely.   

The pursuit of happiness are the inbuilt plans of happiness in a house. The cooking, lounge, entertainment, dining, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and other spaces incorporated lead to the pursuit of happiness. The more successful one is the more plans one can incorporate inside the house as they pursue their happiness. Interior and exterior designers will keep finding ways to achieve the happiness through designs.  

The house enabled Diaspora Kenyans to gather and achieve the rights declared 240 years ago of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The house been able to bring together the persons enabled them to live freely and pursue happiness that day.

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