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Sam Thugi Wakenya Pamoja Boston Remarks

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Sam Thugi Sam Thugi

Good afternoon. For those who don’t know me my name is Sam Thugi, I humbly stand here to welcome you all. First and foremost, Happy belated Madaraka day. Before I continue I’d like to recognize the presence of the Kenyan Ambassador Balozi Robinson Njeru Githae. Karibu sana Boston na karibu South Shore. The Mayor of Brockton Honorable Bill Carpenter. Welcome to this function. Feel at home.

I humbly stand here to introduce WaKenya Pamoja Boston. A couple of months ago a number of Kenyans in our area initiated a conversation of how to bridge the many gaps that afflict our community. In those initial meetings we named the issues that afflict us ranging from the many divisions that surround us. On many occasions we witness how our community rises to the occasion, how we pick each other up/join together – be it when we are celebrating a good thing, wedding, baby shower, even when misfortune befalls us – we all rally to pick each other up. We come together. No questions asked. Just action. We’d love to see that on an ongoing basis. The same kind of action as a community not on small groups or associations. Collectively harnessing our efforts towards a united goal. 

We at WaKenya Pamoja Boston believe that the framework of that foundation can be found in the establishment of a resource center. A place where we can all rally to connect, network and empower each other as a community. Under one banner despite our many affiliations. A place where it will not matter what church, school or who you associate with. Once we come together we will be a force to reckon. 

Communities that support each other are communities that succeed. We recognize the representation of so many professions here. Professions that we will look at to support our goals. Not far from here our brothers/sisters from Cape Verde/ Nigeria/Haiti have thriving centers or associations that work for their own. What do we have? Where do we run to in times of need? sad reality is nowhere.

I pay tribute to a lady here (Mrs Gladys Kirika) who for the past few months took that selfless act of taking care of a fellow Kenyan, with no family here (Cucu Grace); I also pay tribute to that community leader who takes a day off, now and then, to spend time with our very own Kenyans in the homeless shelters of Brockton. And to the lady, Jane Wambu, who takes it upon herself to rally us to help a needy family – to meet their needs – out of love. I also pay tribute to Doreen Gadama, who has taken the initiative to teach and overall love our children – they sang the anthem where she was a key player. She is from Malawi but consider her more Kenyan every day. 

All of these examples relay to us that we need a place, an area where we can offer help, not only to the needy but also in support of these selfless acts. Let’s not forget to remember that our responsibilities lie not just with ourselves but also with our neighbors. Our success is/will be bound to the help of others. 

Where do we go from here – we the community, each and every one of us has a part to play to see this mission/goal through? We have something to offer: be it that listening ear, be a role model to a child, be a good advisor. Let’s play our part to ensure that the slogan that “I’m as Strong as the Weakest Kenyan” becomes real. Be part of the change and course of direction.

Today we will hear from a number of speakers: Dr Aquillahs Muteti, profound advice to all; Dr Paul Kasili, advising our youth; Dr Mercy Kamau-Wangombe, on health. You’ll also hear from an outgoing young man Clinton Gachangi who is getting ready to do something worthwhile and a good role model to our youth. 

Allow me to borrow a couple of phrases from our national anthem, loosely translated: “Oh God of all Creation Bless this Our Land and Nation, bless our community. We believe our community is already blessed. There is, “Plenty within our borders.” Yes the South Shore area is blessed with a lot. We just have to tap into it. We believe the way to realize that is being in one Accord, in harmony with each other then we can build our nation, our community, together. In the end we will harvest what we are looking for; the fruit of our labor, opening up of a Resource Center. 

Sometime from now, when we look back and as we enjoy the fruits of our labor coupled with our desire to be in service to others; our hearts, yes, will be filled with thanksgiving. Let’s work together. Let’s connect, open up our networks, empower each other, build each other and welcome Wakenya Pamoja Boston. Thank you very much.   

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