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Sarah Kirowo talks about ‘A Disease Worse Than Cancer’

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Sarah Kirowo talks about ‘A Disease Worse Than Cancer’

SOUTH HUMBERSIDE, England– Perplexed with what she thinks are the increasing prejudice and injustice prevailing in this present generation, Sarah Kirowo wanted to share experiences, with the hope that people will be touched and think of the pain each one cause to each other.

“A Disease Worse Than Cancer” (published by Xlibris UK) centers on the perplexities of life situations prevailing in this generation, a worse form of human disease destroying both the perpetrators and the victims alike. It tries to depict a state of human deplorable state of mind and heart that cause so much heartache.

“This book, I believe will appeal to readers of all walks of life because any one can relate to issues of injustice and discrimination,” says Kirowo. “It is based on facts, real life experiences and stories that can be verified; straight talk that many would shy away from.”

A thought-provoking read on real life situation aimed to provoke readers to reflect on them and seek to find the truth “A Disease Worse Than Cancer” challenges them as well to see light and endeavour to make positive change for the better and for a better world.


“A Disease Worse Than Cancer”

By Sarah Kirowo

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 48pages | ISBN 9781493140046

E-Book | 48 pages | ISBN 9781493140053

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Sarah Adundo Kirowo is a Kenyan general registered nurse by profession from Medical Training College in Nairobi, in 1977, diploma in midwifery in 1980, and advanced nursing from the University of Nairobi in 1988. She immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2001 as a high skilled worker.



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