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Through the Belly of The Whale

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Wanja Ndung'u Wanja Ndung'u

Am a strong believer that everyone was born with their own unique divine path in this life but the tricky part is to discover that path. As it is with most of us, we are always waking up to a different path and never really knowing which particular one we need to stick with in order to get to our destination. For some it’s as easy as daylight, to some it takes long and to some, it’s a very difficult and a painful experience and unfortunately for some, they come to the end of their lives without ever knowing what their real purpose on earth was. I must say that am humbled by the opportunity to discover my path. My discovery did not come easy.

My discovery took a very long painful route and was disguised in a lifestyle that did not show any indication of hope let alone purpose. I am extremely privileged to have been born into a very humble family and to very devoted christian parents. I grew up very well lacking nothing. God was very faithful to us. I grew up with a great love for God and this love was sealed by accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

A gradual turn of events, however, threw my life off truck when i had just started settling into life, as a young woman trying to discover her path. The turn of events brought about distraction and destruction to a life that was on a very steady course. The distraction and extreme self-destructive habits got so bad that they caused those close to me really scared. Scared that at any moment i was going to die in my sleep from excessive consumption of alcohol.

The grace of God that is always present and ever sufficient snatched me out quickly and that grace opened doors for me to come to the United States. My welcome to the US was not especially exciting. I was up for a total of 52 straight hours between the hour i left Kenya and the hour i lay my tired body onto a bed. I was one of those unfortunate ones that are usually rejected and left at the airport for endless hours to find their way out.

Obviously reality hit home quickly and i experienced “temporary sanity” while dealing with the culture shock and adjusting to a new country.  Soon i was back to my old lifestyle of alcoholism as soon as life took some kind of a meaningful form or rather shape . I struggled through everything i did because i was fighting more battles than one in a country far away from home. Despite all that, i still managed to have a few things accomplished.

My restoration eventually came after finally losing everything and becoming homeless in the United States. My saving grace was evidently the prayers of my faithful parents back in Kenya which am forever grateful for. During my restoration, i discovered something. I discovered that my greatest heros Iyanla Vanzant, Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey had one thing in common and i had something in common with them. They all had their innocence taken away by a rapist. My “aha” moment was when i concluded that this evil thing called ‘rape’ had been designed to sabotage the greatness in me as well as it had been designed for them.

I reflected on this dark deep secret that had tormented my life for 15 years disguised in alcohol. I realized it was okay to talk about it and i realized that once i did, it had no more power over me and that i could pursue the greatness that God had placed in my being.  Coming from a culture where we take our dark secrets to our graves, it was extremely hard at first but it became easier with time.

My testimony started changing lives and i saw souls starting to heal by bringing to surface their most hurtful experiences.  I saw families being reunited after years of struggles with addiction both men and women, younger and older.  This opened my spiritual eyes to the path that God wanted me to take. God enabled me to write a selfless book Through the Belly of the Whale after a lot of encouragement from those that had watched my struggle to restoration, those that were hearing my testimony and those who were being restored. I also knew that my book could reach where i could not and at the same time, say more than i could in a simple conversation or speech. The book opened doors for me to speak in events in different States and churches. 

In the same spirit and by the grace of God, i founded I AM  MY SISTER WORKSHOP an event that has been bringing women together to deal with “THE ISSUES IN THEIR TISSUES” and support each other through healing. My vision which is underway is to establish  Women Restoration Christian Homes globally for women who are struggling with all kinds of addictions and even those who just need a peaceful place to get the healing they need and deserve.

To read more of my story, feel free to purchase Through the Belly of The Whale @ www.wanjandungu.org 

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