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Do Teachers Determine how Much a Student Learns?

The results of the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) have shown a great discrepancy between students from different parts of the country in terms of the marks that they got. While some students scored as high as 400 marks, others went as low as 100 marks out of a total score of 500 marks. Questions have continued to be raised, especially for public schools, as to how students pursuing the same curriculum, having qualified teachers and employed by the same body can perform so differently.
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Who Should Control What Children Are Taught: Government or Parents/Children?

‘’A radical review of primary and secondary schools curriculum that will give the Government total control of what is taught in these institutions is under way. It will be mandatory for all schools to present their syllabus to the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) for approval,” two reported statements read. The constitution on the other hand reads Article 33 (1), “Every person has the right to freedom of expression, which includes— (a) freedom to seek, receive or impart information or ideas; (b) freedom of artistic creativity; and (c) academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.” The question that follows is: Who should control what children are taught: Government or Parents/Children? ...
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