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Esther Muthoni, The Actor

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Esther Muthoni Esther Muthoni

Esther Muthoni is a down to earth lady who loves inspiring words, says laughter is the best medicine to her heart and is very friendly, ambitious and most of all loves empowering people whenever an opportunity arises to do so. Despite being an actor, Esther is also an entrepreneur with businesses: a wholesale shop, a gym and a horticulture farmer.

Esther grew up in Nairobi’s Eastlands and went to Our Lady of Mercy Primary School before joining Twi Light Secondary School. When growing up she wanted to become a doctor or a pilot even though in school she was mostly involved in drama clubs, debates and sports.  She performed her first play during price giving day in 2nd grade where she played a witch doctor. This led to her receiving an award and also declared best performer. This, she says, is how she started acting.

After college and eager to make some money, she did promotions for different companies and also some paid internships.  After saving some money, she decided to put up her own business even though the artist in her was too loud to ignore. She says she started out as an artist by rapping.  Back in the day when Nazizi was recording “mama nataka kuwa rapper” she used to pop in a studio in Ziwani and do a little rapping of her own.  She later became a Dj, when mixing with the computer was still the biggest thing.  She worked with artists like E.W.D (Entertainment With a Difference.) 

However, it wasn’t until 2011 that she decided she wanted to really make acting a profession. One day as she was sited in her shop stressed out by her father’s illness and hospitalization yet she could not visit him, she had spent the day watching every movie ever made and known to her, she knew she wanted to act.  She says she did not know how to go about it and out of frustration decided to write her own movie. She did a synopsis which she showed to her boyfriend who read it and encouraged her to write a script pursue acting as a career. He introduced her to his friend who invited her to audition. She ended up getting an opportunity as an extra in a well known series in Kenya ‘Shuga 2’.  From there on, more opportunities opened up as she landed a part in a short film. With the increased work load she hired people to take care of her business only stepping in when necessary. 

She stumbled upon a Kenya Actors website and visited their offices. There she met Gerald Langiri, the CEO and also a known actor especially from the drama series ‘MALI’ airing on NTV.  Actors created her as a professional actor as it helped her create her profile online for free with an audition video and head/full shot and that made her be able to start on the right footing. She highly recommends this site to any upcoming actor.  

She has attended a lot of auditions, events, forums and workshops in the entertainment industry to know how to better herself as an actor. This way she got to know how to handle and view herself as a professional.  She says there might be no acting school in Kenya but this she learned that she needed to market herself by networking with the right people.  She has since done a number of Theater plays and screenplay, three movies to be precise.   Currently, she is shooting for a pilot on a series.  To Esther, writing and a future in film making can be frustrating especially when one knows that he/she has the talent and can deliver yet despite one attending so many auditions, one never really gets his/her big break.   She talks from experience and says that in the film industry, what is mostly required is talent and a familiar face.  ‘Common faces’ or celebrities stand a better chance in audition yet she knows there is a lot of undiscovered talent and only wishes somebody would give the not so familiar faces a chance.

In February this year Esther started a Community Based Organization, registered with the ministry of Gender Children & Social development. It’s a non profit/non political/youth led organization whose main objective is to help the community in business Development. Nurture talent, advocate for behavioral change, campaign against drug abuse and substance and mainly develop income generating projects and activities for the benefit of the community. The reason she started the organization was the fact that she was brought up in Eastlands and understands better the challenges youths face such as being jobless, idle yet needing a source of income. This, she says, is what leads them to steal and mug people, abuse drugs and alcohol. She says with the organization in place, she and her colleagues gather youths in her regional area and get them involved in something constructive.  She says the organization organizes for events that require acrobats, dancers, actors and footballers from under the age of 15 and also includes the disabled. They also help them to find jobs and some education. She says that being a script writer and aspiring film maker and with good funding, she would create job opportunities for this youths because she knows they is talent out there.


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