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Inspirational Poem by Anna Mwalango

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Anna Mwalagho, the Africa Artist & Entertainer based in D.C  Anna Mwalagho, the Africa Artist & Entertainer based in D.C

I want to encourage you to believe in your dreams no matter what people say. If I had listened to the naysayers or negative advices of people I would not be writing this now and sharing with you my talents. So please listen to the beat of your heart, your intuition and your inner self and as long as you are doing what’s right in Gods eyes, and what makes you happy there will always be people to support you, to nurture you and also help you. I remember those who encouraged me more than those who told me that I was wasting my time or I was going round circles. Yes I am going around the world circles performing; inspiring people and also being inspired and enjoying my life. And I truly thank God and all of you who have supported me from the bottom of my heart.

Poem For You

Those Aligned

There no limits to our life

God created us in his image

Endowed us with his power

And one who knows that, is truly blessed


Our courage to leave the land and people we love

In pursuit of education and a better life

Our open hearts to love strangers into life partners

Our wisdom to put our family first, nurture and educate them

Our vision never obscured, our goals never diminishing


We pursue the highest level of opportunities

Never forgetting our elder’s advise

That God blesses a cheerful giver

That we should never forget our roots

And to give diligently to the less fortunate


Now taking on God’s promises

For we are God’s testimony

The sky is our limit

And as we soar higher and higher

Our charm, charisma and faith

Will pave the way


Guide our tide

And joy will always fill our hearts

Because we understand and know

That we are a gift to the world


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