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Anna Mwalangho: The Kenyan Global Artist

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Anna performs at WPI U.S - Africa business conference  - Pic/Files Anna performs at WPI U.S - Africa business conference - Pic/Files

When President Kibaki heard the talented Anna Mwalagho perform, he made a remark to the effect that Anna should come perform in Kenya saying, “Kenyans also have money and will pay.” An entertainer through spoken poetry, music, African tradition drama and music; Anna Mwalagho is one of the few Kenyans who have become Global entertainers. She has entertained in functions all over the U.S and in African nations. The entertainer who comes from the Taita Taveta County is today reaching one milestone after another as she advances the Kenya image in the globe. She will be releasing her first official music video on February 1st 2013. More details can be found via contacting her agent Nicole Awiche by Email bookanna@gmail.com or calling 240-778-7353 or visiting her website www.annamwalagho.com

For now enjoy one of her poem

My Best Friend

I have been a fool

Been as selfish as a cocoon

I took from you all that I needed and wanted

You offered me a shoulder to cry on when I had none

When I lacked a friend you never left my side


When I was hungry you fed me

Naked you clothed me

When I was sad you gave me joy

I came to you when I felt nobody loved me

Cared for me, or gave a damn

And you caressed me, embraced me

And sent strangers to provide for me


I saw miracles of your providence

From jobs to love

Love to fame

Rags to riches,


You showered me with blessings and 

I was riding on cloud nine

Smiling to the bank

Laughing all the time

Looking good, feeling fresh


Forgot all about you Jesus

How far we had come together

How deep you had brought me from

How I hang on your every word

When the world was a dark cloud


And when the world got brighter

Your image left my sight

You became a vivid of my imagination

Life was so good, so God must have gone  


Yet you showed me mercy

For through a loved one loss

I was awakened, I was challenged

I was made weak within my own strength

I was left to question God, to wonder why

Then ask “why not”?


For what about the orphans in the streets

What about the poor that we meet?

What about those dying from within?

With broken hearts and broken lives

No vision of hope no love to behold

What about them?


I am loved still I bleed

I have food still I resist

I have shelter but I do not see

“What has become of me”?


So God I come to you

The God of my ancestors

The God that I speak of

The God of Jesus Christ

The God that I once prayed for, cried to, begged and pleaded with


This God that I do not see, that I have not touched

Yet he or she must exist

Because if hope is untouched until it bears fruit

And dreams are just dreams until they come true

Then I am reminded that I am dust and to dust I shall return


And until I cross over, and see God’s face

I am a butterfly with a limited time to fly

A candle light with a limited time to burn


By Anna Mwalagho

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