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Anna Mwalangho: The Kenyan Global Artist

When President Kibaki heard the talented Anna Mwalagho perform, he made a remark to the effect that Anna should come perform in Kenya saying, “Kenyans also have money and will pay.” An entertainer through spoken poetry, music, African tradition drama and music; Anna Mwalagho is one of the few Kenyans who have become Global entertainers. She has entertained in functions all over the U.S and in African nations. The entertainer who comes from the Taita Taveta County is today reaching one milestone after another as she advances the Kenya image in the globe. She will be releasing her first official music video on February 1st 2013. More details can be found via contacting her agent Nicole Awiche by Email bookanna@gmail.com or calling 240-778-7353 or visiting her website www.annamwalagho.com
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Inspirational Poem by Anna Mwalango

I want to encourage you to believe in your dreams no matter what people say. If I had listened to the naysayers or negative advices of people I would not be writing this now and sharing with you my talents. So please listen to the beat of your heart, your intuition and your inner self and as long as you are doing what’s right in Gods eyes, and what makes you happy there will always be people to support you, to nurture you and also help you. I remember those who encouraged me more than those who told me that I was wasting my time or I was going round circles. Yes I am going around the world circles performing; inspiring people and also being inspired and enjoying my life. And I truly thank God and all of you who have supported me from the bottom of my heart....
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Anna Mwalagho Entertains At Diaspora Conference

Anna Mwalagho born and raised in Kenya who began performing at the tender age of 8 performed at the Kenya Diaspora Conference in Washington D.C region. The internationally recognized artist who has been awarded many awards for promoting Africa entertained the conference attendees with her music and poetry. ...
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Maria, Kenya Peace Musician, Speaks.

Maria, who sings praise and worship and preaches peace through songs, is part of the many artists advocating for peace in Kenya through songs. “I grew up with lots of bitterness, loneliness, rejection, negative attitude towards life, hopelessness but my mother always stood by me,” she says and adds, “I never thought my music would get this far, taking me all the way to USA to perform in churches and other big events where I have shared a platform with other re-known artists. There’s this specific one that happened at Asbury Methodist Church, Wichita.” ...
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Anna Mwalagho – The African Culture Entertainer

“The power is within you to succeed if you listen to the symphony of the soul, the laughter of your bones and the silence of your heart. You can change the world. Nothing is impossible,” says Anna Mwalagho who is a true remarkable renaissance woman, an internationally recognized actress, poet, dancer, singer/songwriter who has released her work in CD and performed all over the United States. A promoter of woman issues, Anna Mwalagho also tells and embodies the story of the African woman. Her spirit to follow her talent and make it her way of life is an embodiment of a true entertainer and entrepreneur. ...
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