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The 3 Piece “Dress to Kill,” Suit Fashion

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Diaspora Kenyans wearing 3 piece suits Diaspora Kenyans wearing 3 piece suits

If you said the words, “That guy is dressed to kill,” many would be consumed with fear thinking that one has knifes and other weapons on their clothing ready to kill. However, “dress to kill,” is an expression of dressing in a smart and trendy way. The 3 piece suit “dress to kill,” fashion is where men wear the 3 piece suit so as to leave the ladies breathlessly killed.

In the last few functions in the Diaspora we have noted this trend of 3 piece picking up. Ladies asked what they think shared comments like, “I kept sneaking to watch the guy. He was so smart.” Another comment was, “As I looked at him I just wanted my man to befriend him so he can learn some dressing tips. I have tried to persuade him to wear this stylish wear in vain.” 

The way you dress and walk into a function can make one the focus as eyes look at the dressing style. If a function has 400 eyes and 25% of these eyes or 100 eyes take notice of the attire you are wearing then you are, “dressed to kill.” 

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