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Six Astounding Achievements

An astounding achievement is a mind blowing fact, or set of facts, of something that is created. It is an achievement that when run through the mind leads to questions like: How was this achieved? What made all the pieces work and all the people achieve the results so fast? How did a person think of such a big idea and keep building on it without fear of looking back? Where did they get all the money to achieve this massive amazing project? It is an achievement that has given the brain a headache just in trying to figure out how a person or persons conceptualized and accomplished an idea. It is an achievement so remarkable that researchers have and continue to use million of hours trying to understand how the decisions were made.
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David Karangu On Success

David Karangu is one of the most successfully businessmen in the U.S. Born to Kenya parents he attended school in Kenya before relocating to the U.S. Currently he owns various business ventures, including a car dealership. David in a speech during a Kenya Investment Forum at WPI discussed how he got started and answered questions from the attendees as highlighted below. ...
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