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Dynamics of Free Maternity Services

Child birth can be a joyous occasion and a sad one at the same time especially if a mother or child loses their life in the process due to birth complications that arise during delivery. Only a mother can explain the joy that she feels when she delivers a baby safely in the care of medical practitioners in a hospital setting. Child delivery in Kenya has been difficult for poor mothers who have had to struggle with maternity fees forcing them to opt to deliver their babies at home. This has sometimes proved to be fatal due to complications that arise during childbirth leading to loss of life for both mother and child.
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First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Commits to Fight Against HIV/Aids

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Sunday pledged to wage a vigorous campaign against the spread of HIV/AIDS and to conquer stigma and discrimination against people living with the disease....
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Bill Gates: Seeing Ghana’s Health Care System in Action

“It was an honor to meet Ghana’s President. He is tackling important issues with enthusiasm & determination,” Bill gates tweets. He also writes and posts at gatesnotes.com, "During my visit, I was very impressed by the information tracking in Ghana’s health care system. It’s enabling health care workers to closely measure their progress in delivering immunizations and other patient services. And it’s helping Ghana make progress toward the Millennium Development Goals." Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft and the richest man in the U.S has in the recent years dedicated his time and resources in finding solutions for healthcare especially in regions where there isn't well developed infrastructure and healthcare. Below read his full article on his visit to Ghana. ...
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“God has taken him home,” the preacher says from the pulpit. Someone drooling an intoxicated stench from the back mumbles, “That’s bull, the bottle put him under.” The sad thing is before his twenty-first birthday he is dead. More than anything else this is what drives societies in many states to legislate tough laws of drinking at age twenty-one. Not that they totally stop alcohol consumption, but they at least bring out the debate of alcohol consumption to the group most likely to be affected most; the teens maturing to adults. ...
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16 Harmful Effects of Alcohol to the Body

“Alcohol brings me out to the world,” a shy person will be heard screaming as they drown the depressant downer to raise their spirits. Do you know the harmful effects of alcohol to your body? The following picture highlights these 16 harmful effects of alcohol to your body. ...
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