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Kenneth Matiba a Kenyan Icon

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President Kenyatta visit Kenneth Matiba a patient at Karen Hospital President Kenyatta visit Kenneth Matiba a patient at Karen Hospital

Margaret Muthiani, “I see them and remember how my mum stood by my dad in his last days people forget the wife's role in their husband’s sickness! Goood work Mrs Matiba even in your old age am sure your health is quite a challenge but you strong for him. Quick recovery Mr Matiba!”

Hon. Kenneth Matiba is considered a Kenyan Icon who championed the end of one party rule. He would be imprisoned and while in jail he would suffer a stoke and his health was no longer the same. This violation of his human rights also led to his loss of business skills and eventually his businesses collapse.

President Uhuru Kenyatta noting of the violations said, “To this day, we are still plagued by painful memories of unresolved murders, the existence of torture chambers and detentions without trial; events such as the Wagalla tragedy; and violence against the proponents of expanding our democratic space; and all actions that have at times failed to recognise the civil and human rights of Kenya’s citizens. These have shaken the nation, excluded some Kenyans from the full promise of citizenship, and fractured our national fabric.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta also sought forgiveness saying, “My Brothers and Sisters… To move forward as one nation … I stand before you today on my own behalf, that of my government and all past governments, to offer the sincere apology of the Government of the Republic of Kenya to all our compatriots for all past wrongs…I seek your forgiveness and may God give us the Grace to draw on the lessons of this history… to unite as a people and, together … embrace our future as one people and one nation.”

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