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Full Moon Saga

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Look at the sky at night and witness the exquisite full moon. The celestial body that revolves round the earth from west to east in twenty seven days with reference to the stars or twenty-nine days with reference to the sun. The full moon is visible but one time during a month and in this time the stories that follow the full moon are as numerous and incredible as the moon itself.

To say people believe them is unbelievable. You hear this clean shaven guy, wearing an expensive sports jacket, going out to meet his date for dinner looking toward the full moon say, “If there’s any truth to the full moon, everything will work out naturally today.”  

And what truth is this? Well to understand let’s review the abundant stories about this phase of the full moon. There is a full moon when the moon is on the side of the earth away from the sun with its entire face reflecting sunlight to the earth. And it is at this time that some people claim to have migraine headaches, seizures and fits. The only way to find out if this is true is to pack at the hospital emergency entrance and count the ambulances coming in. 

Others say women with PMS—Postmenstrual stress, and PMT—postmenstrual tension become outrageously unbearable.
Wow! One could say this is indeed mystifying, but then read this: Ancient ultra orthodox teaches that before Lucifer—Satan, revolted against God and was cast to hell he was the angel of light and he sat on the moon and his greatest expression of power was during a full moon and that’s why many people behave in a lunatic way.

Whether these stories are factual or myths one thing for sure they are entertaining. What about when oceanography, the study of environments in the ocean, calculates the tide generating force, TGF, of the moon to be greater than that of the sun and then asserts that when there’s a full moon and the earth is positioned between the sun and the moon, our bodies and those of animals become the target of rivalry between gravitational pulls from the sun and the moon. And since the TGF of the moon is higher than that of the sun we experience unusual gravitational pull. For sure if you are being pulled to both directions won’t you act wacky?

Well one might say all this are ridiculous assumptions, but what about when there are claims that during a full moon the gravitational pull from the moon brings body metals, iron and the rest, up to the head and this metals spark with the electrons in our brains to create short circuits to the message receptors that cause us to have weird psychological moods. What do you do? I think the only thing is to make sure you lay down parallel to the earth when the full moon shines more than three hundred sixty miles away.

And that’s not all. Others argue, like the moon brings about ocean tides, so does it bring the tides in our bodies. You do know the body is about two thirds water, and therefore just like the waters in the oceans are affected by the moon, so is the water of our body especially fluids around the joints and intra cranial fluids surrounding the brain. The next time you see a weird person look to the sky and see whether the extraterrestrial moon has paid a visit.

If you doubt all this ask those who think its true and claim more babies are born due to premature contractions. Or better step out and see if that full moon beams magnificently toward you after been seduced in this day of intimacy. Or better remember to look toward the sky after getting a black eye in a free for all bar brawl! And remember the dogs will bite, the thief’s will steal, the killers will kill, and the partygoers will party like there is no tomorrow when the full moon beams.

Kim at dinner with his girlfriend surely didn’t get disappointed from the moon. As words poured out from his velvety tongue he popped the question to the girl whose knees were buckling by then. And she responded with the only answer for any proposition when the full moon is out there. “Yes!”

A moment later looking outside the window he called to give the good news and asked, “Don’t you think it could be this is the time for humans just like animals were intended to have their physical feelings and the crazy psychological moods during a full moon result from fighting rather than letting nature be?”


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