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4 Benefits Youth Get From President Uhuru Handshake

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President Uhuru Kenyatta shakes youths hands in Nyeri. President Uhuru Kenyatta shakes youths hands in Nyeri.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during his weekend trip to Nyeri County took a moment to walk and shake hands with youth in Nyeri. Whereas a president benefits in connecting with supporters the true benefit goes to the young man who is lucky to get the President to shake their hand. Below are 4 benefits to a youth that gets the handshake from the President.

The Hand Becomes Important

After the handshake of the President, the youth hand becomes an important item to the youth for it led to the connection with the President. The value added to the hand could see more youth wanting to shake the hand that shook the President hand. The youth at this moment benefit by becoming important to his peers.  

More Beer from Friends 

Even though just an ordinary handshake the fact that one was luck to get it means they can talk about it. If the youth made some remarks and the President responded this can become a night of many drinks as the youth talks about the one line they had that could keep changing. “I told the President that we need jobs and he said he will work on this. Because of my efforts now you will get jobs so don’t worry about tomorrow I took care of that we can drink everything today!” 

Girls Like him more

To girls the person who gets handshake becomes more important. “If the President could spot him and shake his hand he is cool!” Even if he wasn’t known by the girls before, he becomes the instant talk. 

Parents invest more on him

In a family if one shakes the hand of a President then it is considered a good sign of success. Especially if there is also a picture and the picture can be found on facebook. The parents can invest more on this lucky young man in the hope that this one encounter will lead to a successfully life. 


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