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The Mathematics, Science &Technology Handshake

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President Uhuru Kenyatta shakes a students hand. President Uhuru Kenyatta shakes a students hand.

The mathematics science and technology handshake occurred at the inauguration of the new mathematics, science and technology complex at Karen where the President said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, We have already begun to improve the national pool of skills and talents in science education. My Government, following the medium term plan laid out in vision 2030, is implementing a national Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Programme. It will improve our students’ innovation and creativity through carefully crafted programmes at every level of our education system.”

The handshake had some mathematics involved for how else do you get to the right position so as to shake the president arm. With a population of 44 million the chance of shaking the President hand if he shakes only 10,000 people hands during his President this is a 0.02% chance. To be part of the 10,000 if you are not anybody important requires math.

The handshake had science involved for the young girl had to be in the right position such that when she stretched her arm and the President stretched his arm the handshake will occur. If one looks carefully they will note the science behind this is the knowledge of one understanding ones body, the length of ones arms, the strength of ones muscles, the angle the body can achieve and finally stretching the hand the right way so the President can shake it.

The handshake had technology involved in that the girl had to achieve a goal. With the consideration that the ground she was standing was inclined she had to apply the right amount of force to her lower body so the function of shaking the hand was achieved. 

The young student whereas this was not an innovation and creativity set exam may have achieved her STEM progamme with the simple handshake for there was also engineering involved. Have a creative day as you figure the engineering.   

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