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Diaspora Ask Kenyans to Vote & Make Kenya Constitution the Supreme Law

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Kenya Constitution continues to lift Kenya high up. Kenya Constitution continues to lift Kenya high up.

“Every vote cast on Election Day will reaffirm that Kenya Constitution is the Supreme law of Kenya,” says some Diaspora Kenyans as they ask Kenyans to vote. The Diaspora are asking Kenyans to vote so they can be able to achieve the economic rights they stated in Kenya Constitution. Saying, “Your vote will be a vote of saying I want to meet my constitutional rights. I want to live better, healthier and happier.”

The Diaspora in asking every Kenyan to vote say that the Diaspora are ready to partner with Kenyans in development of Kenya and the achievement of constitutional rights of housing, food, healthcare and others. For Diaspora to partner Kenyans have to strengthen their Constitution through voting. A vote cast says, "Sovereign Power belongs to the people of Kenya and shall be exercised in accordance with the constitution."  

The Diaspora say it is unfortunate that many persons have not understood the Kenya Constitution role in advancement of constitutional rights, especially the economic rights.   

The Diaspora say that in the next 100 years to 2117, the Constitution will create 20 Elections. This means not more than 20 Kenyans can be elected President. The Diaspora add that during the next 20 elections the population will grow to about 100 million and more than 120 million Kenyans will have qualified multiple times to become a Candidate for President under the Constitution right article 38 (3) “Every adult citizen has the right, without unreasonable restrictions— (c) to be a candidate for public office, or office within a political party of which the citizen is a member and, if elected, to hold office.” They say the thinking of Elections based on tribes or that the candidate I support must win at all costs, hinders the constitutional rights attainment.  

The Diaspora say that for one to enjoy participating in the Elections during their lifetime, they should think about their rights and not just the candidate they support. The most important thing to a voter should be to get clean water, food, good housing and security. 

The Diaspora say these are the rights that led thousands of Kenyans to move to the countries abroad they live in. They say a Kenyan born in Kenya who decided to migrate to the U.S did so not because he would become President of the U.S; but because the rights of food, housing, healthcare and others were met in the U.S. though the job they got.  

The Diaspora say the Kenya voter should understand the vote as a way to get his or her economic rights. The Diaspora when saying this compare the 48 governments created by the Kenya Constitution (National and 47 Counties) to the 51 U.S Governments (Federal and 50 States). The Diaspora say, “Kenya today has so many different ways to create jobs, advance development and meet constitutional rights if Kenyans will vote and make Kenya the Supreme law.” 

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