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Supreme Court Does Not Have Constitution Power to Change Election Date!

Kenya Supreme court cannot change the Election date as set by Kenya Constitution 140 (3) that states, “140. (3) If the Supreme Court determines the election of the President elect to be invalid, a fresh election shall be held within sixty days after the determination.”
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Kenyans Voting Will Make Kenya Constitution the Supreme Law

The Kenyans voting on October 26th 2017 will be remembered by history as the Kenyans who made the Kenya constitution 2010 the Supreme law as per Kenya Constitution 2 (1) that reads, “This Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic and binds all persons and all State organs at both levels of government.” The Kenya Constitution will reward Kenyans with a better country where every citizen will enjoy the constitutional rights of healthcare, housing, clean water and food....
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One Million Signatures Referendum & Kenya Constitution Provisions

Accusing Jubilee Administration of reversing democratic gains in Kenya Constitution 2010 through: Media Act passed that infringes on freedom of press; National Police Service Act and the National Police Service Commission Act; Land laws aimed at transferring constitutional powers from the National Land Commission to the Executive; Truth Justice & Reconciliation Commission Act; Amending and Mutilating Commission’s Report on historical injustices; and, legislation that denies liberty to Civil Society movements in the country. Based on this background CORD on Saba Saba made 13 resolutions as it launched, demanded and kicked off a 1 million signatures referendum initiative. A constitutional referendum can only be made to amend the constitution. CORD did not state what constitutional amendment they will be proposing. ...
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