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IEBC Can Achieve 100% Credible October Elections & Accurate Tallying

The Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) created through Kenya Constitution Chapter Seven of “Representation of the People,” in improving on the August 8th 2017 electoral system can achieve a 100% credible October election and accurate tallying. IEBC can incorporate systems that have roles for religious leaders and media created as the IEBC eliminate electoral malpractices as required by Kenya Constitution law 86.
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Sovereign Power Transfer to President Per Kenya Constitution

Kenya Constitution, “1. (1) “All sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and shall be exercised only in accordance with this Constitution. (2) The people may exercise their sovereign power either directly or through their democratically elected representatives.” A Supreme Court ruling of four to two read, “A declaration is hereby issued that the Presidential Election held on 8th August 2017 was not conducted in accordance with the Constitution and the applicable law rendering the declared result invalid, null and void.” Kenya constitution through the Supreme Court nullified the elections. The constitution requires the process repeated in 60 days. Below, the constitutional laws and how Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission can ensure the election is done in accordance with Kenya Constitution and legislated laws....
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Kenya GDP Growth by Over 10% is Achievable via Sustainable Requirements by Kenya Constitution!

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the monetary measure of the total goods and services produced in a country at a given year. Kenya today is recorded at a GDP of $50 billion (Kshs 4.5 trillion.) A recent report from World Bank estimates the Kenya GDP growth to each 7% this year and the next three years. The question that still remain unanswered is: Can Kenya achieve over 10% GDP growth as per vision 2030 goal?...
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Thanks Senators for Upholding, Defending & Protecting Kenya Constitution 2010

November 2014 will go in Kenya history books as the month Kenya became a country of "Rule of laws." The decision by the 67 Senators, 100% of the Senate to ensure that the Kenya constitution law are followed is the most powerful statement to come from an elected body representing the entire electorate. ...
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Should a Person Hold 154,905 Acres of Kenya Land? Kenya Constitution 68, 60 & 209.

Kenya Constitution article 68 orders, “Parliament shall— (c) enact legislation— (i) to prescribe minimum and maximum land holding acreages in respect of private land.” Kenya constitution fifth schedule orders “Legislation on land (Article 68) 18 months.” By April 2012 after Kenya Constitution 2010 passed there should have been legislated law that stated the maximum and minimum land one can hold privately. Without this law then it is legal to hold as much land as one can. ...
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Referendum Should Follow Kenya Constitution 257.

The referendum has seen: MP Kanini Kega file a high court case, three Kenyans file a case on behalf of 12 million voters, Jubilee state it will collect 10 million signatures to oppose, and many other abrupt decisions made. Some of the decisions if not well thought out could violate Kenya Constitution 257 laws and in doing so also violate Kenya Constitution 2010 law 3. (1) Every person has an obligation to respect, uphold and defend this Constitution....
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One Million Signatures Referendum & Kenya Constitution Provisions

Accusing Jubilee Administration of reversing democratic gains in Kenya Constitution 2010 through: Media Act passed that infringes on freedom of press; National Police Service Act and the National Police Service Commission Act; Land laws aimed at transferring constitutional powers from the National Land Commission to the Executive; Truth Justice & Reconciliation Commission Act; Amending and Mutilating Commission’s Report on historical injustices; and, legislation that denies liberty to Civil Society movements in the country. Based on this background CORD on Saba Saba made 13 resolutions as it launched, demanded and kicked off a 1 million signatures referendum initiative. A constitutional referendum can only be made to amend the constitution. CORD did not state what constitutional amendment they will be proposing. ...
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Can A Court Order Violate Constitution Laws?

The words, “Court Order,” have featured regularly in the Kenya news. Ask any Kenyan whether a “Court Order,” should be obeyed at all times and the answer is, “Yes!” Ask, “Can a Court Order violate Constitution laws?” Many Kenyans say, “No,” or “It is impossible!” In 1963 Presidential Orders and Court Orders became more powerful than the Constitution laws. The weak constitution would be replaced by Kenya Constitution 2010. Today, “Court Orders,” have been issued ordering teachers and lecturers to stop exercising their right to strike. Court order issued to halt constitution 2010 law 41 (2) ; to halt constitutional process of removal of Embu Governor. Court Order issued to stop the formation of tribunal, Kenya constitution law 251. And Court Order issued to stop legislative arm from exercising constitution duties per Constitutional law 125. Below we show where Kenya High Court Order derives its constitutional power from and when it can violate constitutional laws. ...
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