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Comments by Minister James Orengo & P.S. Dorothy Angote on Land Bill

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A recent stakeholder’s workshop on the draft land bills held at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies in Nairobi had this comments expressed by the Kenya Minister of Lands, Hon. James Orengo and the Permanent Secretary Dorothy Angote-Muya as published in Ministry of Lands website.

Hon James Orengo Comments as posted in Ministry of Lands

Approach the debate on draft Land Bill and Draft Land Registration Bill soberly as it would affect the lives of majority of Kenyans  

The Constitution gives a broad framework on issues of content and timelines.

Land stakeholders to help speed up the process and finalizing recommendation of the draft Bills explaining that many Kenyans were being held ransom on land related matters.
Ministry does not have a draft bill that that must be adopted by the stakeholders.

Ministry expects most of the views that would be incorporated in the bill to come from members of the public.

Study   the document, every clause is up for discussion.

At this time, when we are operating within the new Constitution nobody should imagine that what appears as a conflict in the land laws is  a vacuum that may interfere with administration and management of land matters”.

Under the sixth schedule, on the transitional and consequential provisions in article 262 of the Constitution, the administration of public land by the National Land Commission will take effect when the commission is in place.


Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Lands, Mrs. Dorothy Angote- Muya comments

The processes of the legislation calls for continuous engagement at all levels of legislation development.

There is no other standard   against which we can weigh the legislations apart from the Constitution.

Interrogate the Bills keenly and ensure that they achieve the desired land reforms objectives relating to use, management, access and the right to land.

Contributions made by the stakeholders will be captured and the consultant would synthesize them into the drafts.

There should be no difficulties by the public in regards to accessing the improved document.

The improved draft can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website www.lands.go.ke

Exercise your thinking ability look at the document and challenge it, since you have been given a forum to improve it.
The finalized draft will be forwarded to the Kenya Law Reform.


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