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President Kenyatta Big 4 Plan Kshs 740 Billion Finance

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President Kenyatta at State House. President Kenyatta at State House.

A report posted in the Kenya National Treasury website reads, “1. The Government of Kenya, acting through the National Treasury and Planning, has successfully priced a new US dollar 2.1 billion, dual-tranche Eurobond of 7-year and 12-year tenors on 15th May 2019 in London, United Kingdom. 2. The announcement of Kenya issuance triggered an overwhelming response from investors that amounted to an order book of US$ 9.5 billion, an oversubscription of 4.5 times.”

In May 2019 an excess of US $7.4 billion about Kshs 740 billion was offered for investment in Kenya. This amount can finance the Big 4 plan. Indeed, rather than tax persons 1.5%, this amount put into housing plans through Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth systems could be applied to grow Kenya GDP in double figures in the next few years.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has an opportunity to expand Kenya GDP and achieve the Big 4 with this finance, and other finance available in the Kenya finance Market and Global Finance Market.

This amount applied to grow Kenya GDP would expand the GDP past the Kshs 12 trillion before 2022. At an average taxation of 20% this would bring in about Kshs 2.4 trillion to the government in revenue.  

The money once applied to 500,000 unit’s production would become 500,000 mortgages issued to 500,000 individuals. Using GDP growth systems, 500,000 individuals can apply their human resource to productive use and produce houses they could leave in.  

500,000 persons working in 3 years at an average of 2,000 hours per year is a human resource of 3 billion hours. This human resource if not put to use is lost forever. Loss of unproductive human resource is the greatest loss a country loses.

The fact that investors were ready to part with the $7.4 billion (Kshs 740 billion) in May 2019 for 7 year bonds and 14 year bonds shows there is money available for attaining the Big 4.  

President Kenyatta can win the race of achieving the Big 4 and especially the 500,000 housing unit’s production by July 2022 just like Eluid Kipchoge won the marathon race of 26.2 miles in under 2 hours. The resources needed to achieve the Big 4: human resource, land, intellectual, systems and money are available.       

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