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President Kenyatta Big 4 Plan Kshs 740 Billion Finance

A report posted in the Kenya National Treasury website reads, “1. The Government of Kenya, acting through the National Treasury and Planning, has successfully priced a new US dollar 2.1 billion, dual-tranche Eurobond of 7-year and 12-year tenors on 15th May 2019 in London, United Kingdom. 2. The announcement of Kenya issuance triggered an overwhelming response from investors that amounted to an order book of US$ 9.5 billion, an oversubscription of 4.5 times.”
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Breathtaking Moments During Voi – Nairobi Drive

The sendoff at Voi is a crashed car displayed to give the message, “Drive safely.” The sceneries as the drive unfolds in the first 50 kilometers show the natural beauty of Kenya. The small towns next to the Mombasa-Nairobi highway tell of the vast development opportunity. If one has driven through any U.S highway they will understand this opportunity. ...
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Diaspora Lawyer Answers on Kenya Constitution Supremacy & Raila Withdrawal

“The constitution does not have laws of withdrawal. However, a candidate for presidential office can withdraw. The law requires there be only one candidate nominated for the presidential election to occur per constitution,’ answered Attorney Njoroge Kamau at his law offices in Boston region as he reviewed Kenya Constitution Supremacy laws and Raila Odinga withdrawal from Presidential race....
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Why Kenya GDP Does Not Grow!

All Economics scholars who did not sleep in their economic class know the formula C + I + T/GS + (X-M) = GDP (Gross Domestic Product). C stands for Consumption. I, investment. T Tax/G.S Government Spending. X, Exports and M, Imports. Today Kenyans are consuming more and more. If the increase of consumption was the only calculator of GDP, Kenya GDP would be growing at 20% per year. ...
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Beware of Running Mobs!

Wacu Gatoto in Nairobi, Kenya writes, “There’s a group of street boys running around in a gang of 20-50.They come running and rob on their way down to town. They have been spotted in Hurlingham coming down to town, Ngong Road down thru Kenyatta to town and Tmall to town. They seem to appear from no where snatch bags, phones from pedestrians and motorists and in a flash are gone.”...
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Nairobi Traffic Jams Driving Shoppers Online

The fear of getting stuck in traffic jams dotted with thousands of stationary vehicles in a bottleneck entry into Kenya’s capital is what has led to the shift in consumer trends as residents move to shop online....
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Jeffe Makori Sweet Story

I GET MAD EVERY TIME I GO TO A SUPERMARKET AND I'M GIVEN SWEETS AS PART OF MY CHANGE. Few minutes ago I felt thirsty and as it happened I was passing Ukwala Supermarket next to Central arcade Eldoret, I decided to go for bottled water. My thirst was huge so I went for the Quencher 1.5ltrs which goes for 58 bob. The young lady cashier hands me two twenty bob coins (40 shillings) and two sweets as change for the 100 bob I gave her. I tell her "NO, I don't take sweets for change." She tells me, "I don't have coins," and gets ready to call the next person in the queue....
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