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Professor Kathy Notarianni & Attorney Njoroge Kamau at WPI KUP Meeting. Professor Kathy Notarianni & Attorney Njoroge Kamau at WPI KUP Meeting.

“Ever since humankind harnessed the awesome energy of fire, we have lived with its potentially destructive forces as well. The losses of fire entail not only physical damage (death and injury) but property and business losses as well,” writes Professor Kathy Notarianni in the book just released titled Shaping Our World: Engineering Education for the 21st century that features many of the leaders and heads of departments at WPI. Kathy heads the Fire Protection Engineering Department in the University that is also the only department to offer PhD degree in Fire Protection in the U.S.

As Kathy notes, “In many places population growth and overcrowding are occurring on a frantic scale, making living conditions increasingly complex and risky. As the pace of development increases round the world, fire prevention and control are becoming more vital for individuals, organizations, and society itself. Educating future generations of engineers about ways of minimizing fire’s destruction potential has never been more crucial.” It is with this in mind that Kenya may end up having a great university educating Kenyans to be good business people, build good houses and settlements and also  have good fire protection systems that safeguard them from the destructiveness of fire that Professor Kathy Notarianni refers to.  

The new university founded in Kenya will teach many disciplines from management, engineering and sciences. Knowing that fire, the destroyer of property and life, will also be addressed in the university will be a relief to those aspiring to developing property. Kenya like WPI may also find itself with a unique program that may benefit it. As Kathy notes, “Our multinational graduates, coming to WPI from more than 40 nations to date, often return to their homelands, where they assume high level of leadership in the development of fire safety designs, practice, codes, and standards.” There is no doubt the county the university is established will benefit economically from this project.   

Attorney Njoroge Kamau, legal advisor to the university project noted that whereas the development like all other developments will be a challenge, this is a challenge that we can meet. Professor Njoroge who could not attend the meeting at that time was happy to hear that the dream of the new university in Kenya moved one step closer to reality.  

The Kenya University Project, KUP, is geared toward seeing not only one of the best universities in Africa created but also one of the best planned cities emerge. Thousands of students leaving high school will also have a chance to complete the last 4 years of the 8-4-4 system and be prepared for the Global workforce. The project has also many systems that organisations and companies can explore. One system linked to private schools will lead to the new university working with Private high schools as it plans its intake. Other systems include: working with Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s). The new university once started will also lead to hundreds of SME’s emerging around it. The other main system that will be explored will be the investment opportunity especially in the pioneer plot products.  

To learn more email info@kenyauniversity.org   


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