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Bui Thuo: KUP Vision Similar to The Silicon Valley in California

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Bui Thuo Bui Thuo

A friend of mine invited me to a Kenya University Project meeting and I politely passed; of course I had a thousand other things on my plate, and “Yes!” there has been a lot of "get rich opportunities," offers. However, a week later, I invited her over for dinner. I casually asked her to share with me the so called new opportunity. I was in awe with the brief information she shared. My mind was running a hundred miles per hour as I visualized the concept. “This had to have been an ongoing project for a long time,” I said. “It kicked off 2006.”

Indeed we are about to rip the fruits of a decade worth of work. With this, my sincere gratitude to Professor Raphael Njoroge, who has since left us, Prof. Gerstenfeld, Dr. Wilson Endege and others who have effortlessly progressed the vision through the years to reach to this stage and to reach me in my city of residence in Perris, California. 

As I continued to explore the Kenya University Project I found it to be similar to a vision that many of us who have been in Diaspora for the 2 or 3 decades allowed to pass by, The Silicon Valley in California. Many of those who saw the vision of Information and Technology that is today in Silicon Valley and became part of the vision through going to work for the start-up companies or investing in the early stages have today retired in comfort. 

Equity Bank in Kenya founders had flown all the way to give those in Diaspora an opportunity to buy shares of the bank. Those who were invited, heard the concept and did not act—today knock their heads on the wall and ask, “Why?” The bank today has become the second largest bank in Kenya when about 30 years old.  

Not to be left behind, my husband and I were excited about the KUP Master Plan and Property Developer approach and registered pronto as we offered to develop the maximum units per person. 

I am in the health care sector and I can certainly participate to give back to my own people what was invested in me many years ago. In the last couple decades, there has been a major brain drain from our motherland and this project offers a great approach to pull together resources as we build an Institution town that we can grow to a city that is modern, cultured and environmentally friendly. A city that can become a model that the nation will strive to bring other cities to par!  

In a short time I have moved from a person who was reluctant to hear of this opportunity to one who is now inviting my family, friends and other Kenyans at large in Diaspora to take a leap of faith and join us so we can build a better tomorrow for ourselves and for Kenyans in Kenya.

Email bui@kenyauniversity.org

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