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Prof. Mutisya, Dr. Mwawali & KUP Team Advance Kenya Education, Healthcare & Housing Development at KUDO Event

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From left: Dan Kamau, Prof. Philiph Mutisya, Mary Kinyanjui & Dr. Philip Mwalali. From left: Dan Kamau, Prof. Philiph Mutisya, Mary Kinyanjui & Dr. Philip Mwalali.

Kenya University Project (KUP) is a project by the Diaspora to advance Kenya Constitution 2010 article 43 rights. Prof. Philiph Mutisya who has had an extensive career in the university was at hand to advance Kenya University Project (KUP) at Gaithersburg, MD. Speaking at the Jeff Koinange Show at Kenya United Diaspora Organization (KUDO) launch, Prof. Mutisya stated that through KUP he plans to advance education in Kenya. Dr. Mwawali who currently is the KUP – Medical Director who is establishing a team of doctors advanced healthcare also pointed out some goals of KUP.

KUP aims to advance rights awarded by Kenya Constitution article 43. (1) Every person has the right— (a) to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care; (b) to accessible and adequate housing, and to reasonable standards of sanitation; (d) to clean and safe water in adequate quantities; (f) to education. (2) A person shall not be denied emergency medical treatment.

The project plan is set up as a three stage development.Stage 1: 9 Primary resources, Stage 2: 5 Year development plan and the last stage: yearly development and sustenance.

Currently the project is in the final stages of 9 primary resources development. The 9 primary resources will be used to develop the 5 year development plan and create a new town of 30,000 residents and a university with 10,000 students. The university town plan is currently approved by Taita Taveta County Assembly as per Kenya Constitution 185 (4) and urban areas and cities act 2011. 

In achieving the 4 factors of production: Land, Labor, Capital and Entrepreneur; the project today has over 500 registered property developers from Diaspora. The project is further developing 200 Diaspora Entrepreneurs who will inject 1.5 million hours of expertise garnered from Diaspora as they lead the development of 20,000 jobs that will be created through plans set-up for university, town, hospital, industries, biotechnology, ICT and other business developments.  

Kenyans attending the event liked the approach of making them property developers. They took the KUP-THIDA and KCB Bank Diaspora banking account opening forms to start their career as Kenya property developers. KCB Bank representative from Canada, Jackie Kariuki was at hand to represent the biggest bank in Kenya, KCB Bank.  

To understand how Property Developers will be financed the loan financing growth was stated as follows: “In 2009 all 44 banks in Kenya had loan advances of Kshs 791 billion with KCB Bank the largest lender then at 13.4% lending Kshs 96 billion. In 2015 the loan advances had grown to Kshs 346 billion an increase by Kshs 250 billion.” 

Through this loan advance growth it was clear to all who were joining KUP as property developers that there will be growth in loan advances in the billions and KUP offers the best approach for them to become property developers. “I’m ready to become a property developer,” many stated as they further understood that the property they live in with clean water and energy was developed by others. 

The Kenyans attending KUDO event loved the project whose plan will not only lead to one of the best planned towns but also one on the best university and medical hospital in Kenya. “I will develop Kenya through KUP,” were remarks expressed by those joining in. Persons who had not heard the project in their cities offered to be the entrepreneurs who shall take the message to their respective cities and regions. Six persons present at the event joined and are ready to be KUP Entrepreneurs. 

KUP Team at KUDO event included: Prof. Dr. Philliph Mutisya of Raleigh, NC; Dr. Philip Mwalali (MD) of Raleigh, NC; Dr. Mark Kabue (Dr.PH) of Ellicott city, MD; Dr. Nelly Kangethe (DNP) of Baltimore, MD; Dr. David Angwenyi (PhD) of New Jersey; Dr. Zachary Muturi of German Town, MD; Prof. Dr. Erastus Karanja (PhD) of Durham, NC; Mary Kinyanjui (RN) of Corona, CA; Rita Kimani (RN) of Delaware, Cathy Jackie of Baltimore, MD; David Bulindah of Delaware and Dan Kamau of Worcester, MA. 

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