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Attorney Dr. Njoroge Kamau Works on KUP - University Town Legal Plan

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Attorney Njoroge Kamau Attorney Njoroge Kamau

Attorney Njoroge Kamau who holds a juris doctorate degree (J.D) and is licensed to practice law in the State of Massachusetts and U.S has added time for Kenya University Project University and Town development legal plan. This based on the progress on the development of the KUP - 9 primary resources that will be applied in the 5 Year Development Plan. He is excited on the progress report of the 9 primary resources especially on the resources: Land, WPI plan and Diaspora Property Developers.

The attorney is also delighted that Diaspora Kenyans have understood entrepreneurship and have become entrepreneurs. Today KUP-Entrepreneurs mainly in the Diaspora have collectively put-in thousands of hours in time input to tap their intellectual capacity and create innovative plans. He is happy that Diaspora Kenyans are prepared to become Kenya property developers through the system created by KUP-MDP.  

He is also happy to hear that many Diaspora professionals are putting in time so as to be able to show they can take up a contract that will avail itself during the 5 year development plan that will produce the university, town and thousands of new jobs. 

Attorney Kamau who today has more than 12 years’ experience in U.S law and started working on the legal plan to achieve Kenya housing development as he started his legal career in U.S knows there is no short cut to success.  

Recalling how the housing idea evolved over the years; he is overjoyed that the hard work then that saw the housing idea emerge and start to grow is today a development of a town and has also progressed a university idea.

Through tapping of his entrepreneurial spirit attorney Kamau would attend the WPI U.S-Africa conferences and over the the years participate and host many meetings that explored new approaches of development of Kenya housing by Diaspora. In July 2006 he was part of a team of four Diaspora Kenyans that held a meeting at an architectural firm in Boston to explore partnerships for Kenya housing development that was reported in an article "Housing Development," in the Jamhuri Magazine print issue of August 2006.    

When the housing idea was merged with the university idea 2009, he would become the legal adviser of what has today become the Kenya University Project.     

Reviewing the WPI Plan, Attorney Kamau was happy to learn that Prof. Art is still fully engaged. Prof. Art who alongside with the late Prof. Njoroge started the univeristy idea a few days on receiving an update of KUP progress replied, “I was pleased to receive the latest update on the Kenya University project. I hope that things continue to go well. Please keep me up to date.” 

Remembering the journey that led to KUP through the years was exciting. Envisioning the future was equally exciting. Attorney Kamau knows that the legal foundation of any project is important. He looks forward to overseeing the right legal plan that enables development of the institution town plan is created. 

As a practicing lawyer who also teaches students in college in Worcester City, he also can’t wait to steer the legal framework that will kick off the university so thousands of new education opportunities can be created. He knows the university plan as envisioned by the founding professors has to be anchored on the right legal plan acceptable by the parent institution as well as the plan meeting Kenya law requirements. He is ready.        

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