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RN Bui & RN Mary Develop KUP-Medical Hospital Plan

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(Right) Bui picture taken at Las Vegas, NV event. (Left) Mary picture at Gaithersburg, MD event. (Right) Bui picture taken at Las Vegas, NV event. (Left) Mary picture at Gaithersburg, MD event.

Registered Nurses (RN) Mary Kinyanjui and (RN) Bui Thuo for the past one and half years have developed the Kenya University Project (KUP) Medical Hospital Plan. The plan was first conceptualized to support the university and town with a medical hospital at the institution town. However, the medical hospital plan has evolved to be a plan to advance Kenya health care rights in Kenya constitution 43. This achieved through an increase in education, doctors, medicine, hospital, clinics, equipment, supplies and healthcare jobs. The plan is also tailored to reduce the growing Diaspora remittances to health care bills in Kenya.

As a development plan, the plan sustainable systems are based on the U.S sustainable system where the RN’s currently work. As reported, today the U.S system has 900,000 hospital beds. This is about 3 beds for every 1,000 persons in U.S. Kenya, on the other hand, has about 1 bed for every 1,000 persons. RN Bui plan will lead to: the number of hospital beds increasing, medical equipment access increasing and medical supplies increasing. Through these increases, RN Bui will be advancing the constitution right 43. (1) Every person has the right— (a) to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care.  

RN Mary is working on the plan of clinics and hospital. Ever since reading the fact that there are 5,600 hospitals in U.S for the 320 million population; Mary has done the math that 700 medical hospitals would be needed for the 45 million Kenyans. She has asked herself, “Can Diaspora add more hospitals?” The only way to answer this is to talk to the Diaspora. She says, “It is time we remit health care to Kenyans and create healthcare jobs in Kenya.”

One fact the RNs like is the fact that about 50% of the 300,000 Kenyans who have migrated to the U.S work in the health care sectors. The fact that about 150,000 Diaspora Kenyans earn from the $890 billion medical hospital's budget makes the RN’s optimistic that the Diaspora will grow the Kenya healthcare sector.    

The RN’s as they have progressed the medical hospital plan have visited and presented the plan to Diaspora at: Anaheim, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Baltimore, MD; Gaithersburg, MD; Phoenix, AZ; South Africa and Botswana, Africa. They say their goal is to inspire as many Diaspora to join them in advancing the development of healthcare in Kenya. With a combined experience of over 50 years as Registered Nurses, during which time they have worked in all medical hospital departments, they say they are ready to grow Kenya healthcare.

The RN’s are also extremely happy that several medical doctors are working on the KUP Medical doctor’s plan. They thank Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston, MA for the work he is doing on his biotechnology pharmaceutical plan that will advance production of medicines and vaccines in Kenya. They say that as they visit and talk to Diaspora Kenyans one goal is to get more Kenyans involved in health care plan. They also look forward to see Diaspora Kenyans become property developers saying, “The first healthcare system is a good house, with good sanitation and clean water.”   

During the Columbus Day weekend, the RN’s having gone to each to three separate events, will be teaming up as they visit and take their Kenya healthcare development message to Diaspora Kenyans living in the capital city of California State, Sacramento. 

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