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Diaspora Town House Property Developers

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Town House to be developed by Diaspora. Town House to be developed by Diaspora.

“I’m excited to become a Property Developer and supply Town Houses as jobs are created,” says a Diaspora who has opened a Kenya University Project - Property Developer file at Attorney Njoroge Kamau law firm in Worcester, MA. The Diaspora Property Developer adds, “I was happy to get a job when I needed one and find a developed house with clean water, sanitation and energy – to live in – close to my job.” This thinking has today motivated over 500 Diaspora Kenyans – and growing – to embrace an innovative system to develop town houses in a university town. The university town main development plans are: University, Medical Hospital, Biotechnology Company, Town houses and other plans that create jobs and provide housing.

A registered nurse (RN) who has worked over 10 years in the U.S says, “The projected return on investment on my property developer capital after I sell the Town House I develop to the user is a great property developer income.” As she visualizes the education opportunity she got, her job and her family house in U.S; she appreciates the developers who enabled her live the life she has lived in the U.S for over ten years. She adds, “Diaspora have an opportunity to develop for Kenyans this kind of opportunity.” Her plan is to be a property developer of four town houses and also be part of the medical-hospital plan developers.    

Diaspora property developers whose capital will flow to Town House development are happy Kenya University Project system is a packaged project for remitting to Kenya. Discussing this the Diaspora property developers have adopted the statement, “Diaspora have remitted cash and there is no development to show for this cash over the last 20 years. Let’s now remit expertise, money and developments that create good jobs in Kenya, provide housing to make life better, and at the same time earn us a return for our capital investment."

Using this stated approach Diaspora are progressing in the development of a university and town they can point to and be proud of as they say, "Diaspora remitted back a university town to Kenya.”  

Email: townhouse@kenyauniversity.org

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