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Doctors KUP Medical Hospital Plan

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Dr. Mwalali (left) & Dr. Kabue (right): They are among the University founders  Dr. Mwalali (left) & Dr. Kabue (right): They are among the University founders

As the world population of 7.45 billion grows at more than 400,000 persons every day headed to the 8 billion mark by 2025, Dr. Philip Mwalali of Raleigh, NC and Dr. Mark Kabue of Baltimore, MD are working on the Kenya University Project KUP – Medical Hospital Plan and specifically two plans namely: The Medical School plan that will incorporate health sciences courses as university opens with the goal to achieve a medical school. The second plan is the doctor’s plan that will lead to more well trained doctors in Kenya so as to cater for Kenya needs as population grows to the projected 60 million by 2025.

Dr. Mwalali, an international health specialist with wide experience in health care delivery in several African countries, says, “The Kenya University Project provides with a great opportunity to develop a health care system that takes into consideration the shortfalls in Health care delivery in Kenya and Africa for that matter.  This requires a concerted effort to bring into play all the necessary resources, linkages and partnership including partnership with the communities we serve. I am therefore pleased to work with Dr Kabue to initiate thoughts and a process towards setting up such a Health system. In this effort we will be collaborating with Mary and the medical team in setting up model clinics, an initiative that will result in building up of a Hospital at University site and clinics in other areas as the expansion dictates.” 

Dr. Mark Kabue, of Johns Hopkins University speaking on the Medical Hospital plan says; “We have a great avenue through the Kenya University Project to influence many lives positively in Kenya by providing them with high quality health services. I am very optimistic that through KUP, our health professionals, who have great knowledge and experience globally will spearhead the establishment of a Medical hospital which will be a hub for training doctors and other health professionals. This will provide opportunities for young people who aspire to pursue a career in healthcare to acquire the relevant skills to serve the people. Provision of preventive services and health promotion will be a central feature of the health system that we will establish.” 

Dr. Mwalali adds, “In order to ensure continuum of excellent care and sustainability of the services offered in the network of Clinics and Hospitals, a state of the art training program for Health professionals is desirable. We therefore have taken the challenge to initiate a pre-med training that will lead to a Medical School as the project develops. We will strive to build strong partnership between Kenyan and USA based Doctors as well as bringing in external medical school as collaborating partners.”


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