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Diaspora Create Jobs in Kenya

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“With high unemployment rate in my motherland people are using all means to look for a job as the case with Rose Mbogo. If any of us here is able to hire her please do so,” a post appears in a Diaspora WhatsApp group. A response reads, “That’s really sad. I only hope that she wouldn’t be taken advantage or have a future stalker after putting out her real name and number.” Other responses are, “How will she get a job if someone does not call her number…, I remember my niece in a similar situation, over one year unemployed with a JKUAT degree in IT…”

About 700,000 Kenyans will enter the job market in 2017 after becoming adults on attaining the age of 18 years or after leaving school/college/university like Rose in the picture. This picture viewed in a different way, can be looked at as a call of one generation to the other to create jobs for them.    

Unemployment is the biggest problem in Kenya and it is the fuel of so many other evils. Whereas corruption affects creation of jobs; the biggest contributor of failing to achieve the needed jobs is not corruption but the lack of job creating entrepreneurs and capital investors.   

Diaspora in the last 5 years remitted about Kshs 700 billion. Rose would not be in the streets if this money had gone into the creation of jobs. A job would have been ready for her after completion of university. 

In the next 5 years (2017 – 2021) Diaspora will remit Kshs 1 trillion. This Kshs 1 trillion can become 1 million jobs created by Diaspora if this money goes to create the maximum possible number of jobs. The other good thing is the Diaspora would be rewarded by the return made by this money.   

Kenya University Project (KUP) system is one of the systems any person in the Diaspora can use to create new jobs in Kenya and make a high return when doing so. Indeed, this sign by Rose Mbogo is a reminder to Diaspora working on projects that shall create jobs in Kenya to work harder.   

The Diaspora shall never repay the entrepreneur and capital investor who created the job they needed on arrival to the Diaspora. The Diaspora, however, can play the role of becoming a job creator in Kenya for maturing youth.  


KUP System is ready to make any Diaspora a job creator as one becomes a Property Developer. Email townhouse@kenyauniveristy.org     

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