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2,000 Diaspora Jobs in Kenya

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KUP Jobs for Diaspora in Kenya KUP Jobs for Diaspora in Kenya

“Don’t fear change!” Diaspora Kenyans developing the Kenya University Project - Diaspora University Town plan that will create 20,000 new jobs are telling fellow Diaspora Kenyans. “There are 2,000 Jobs for Diaspora in Kenya,” based on the KUP jobs plan. Close to 100 Diaspora PhD's, Scientists, Doctors, RN’s, ICT professionals, Engineers and Specialists in diverse fields are each day progressing the project to ground-break in Kenya.

The project 2,000 Diaspora Jobs in Kenya based on the 5 categories. 

  1. University Town Plan (600 Jobs from 4,000 jobs): The University Town development Plan that will lead to a 30,000 Residents town and a university with 10,000 students in 5 years. The town, university academic, university administration, university sports departments shall anchor about 100 departments and create 4,000 new jobs. 600 jobs (15%) are expected to go to the Diaspora returning to Kenya to offer their expertise in building the town and university. About 20 Diaspora PhDs and 50 Diaspora professional Diaspora will be relocating to Kenya to start this plan.  
  2. Medical Hospital Plan (400 jobs from 2,000 jobs): Starting with a clinic, Diaspora professionals in healthcare through a Medical Hospital Plan made up of 78 plans will progressively create over 2,000 jobs at the University Town. 400 jobs (20%) are expected to be taken up by Diaspora professionals in the healthcare sector as they contribute to the medical hospital development that will end the travel to seek medical treatment outside Kenya.  
  3. Design-Build Plan (200 jobs from 4,000 jobs): The plan will produce buildings and infrastructure of the town. Rose, who spent close to 20 years in Diaspora has alreadt taken one of the 200 jobs (5%) of the 4,000 jobs that the plan will create. The Design-Build Company has started to invite persons interested Diaspora persons to express interest.  
  4. Technology & Industrial Companies (200 jobs from 2,000 jobs): Dr. Wilson Endege Biotechnology Company is already underway. The company will produce 23 medicines and vaccines. Diaspora will take about 200 of the 2,000 jobs created as 20 technology and industrial companies’ set-up at University Town.  
  5. Tourism, Schools and SME’s (600 jobs from 8,000 jobs): As the town anchors over 1 million tourism visits to Tsavo National Park, provides schooling for 10,000 children and meets needs of the 30,000 residents and 10,000 students settled over 500 SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) shall emerge. About 200 SMEs shall be set-up by Diaspora. 600 jobs of the 8,000 jobs taken by the Diaspora who set-up the SME's or provide expertise.   

Town Standard

The Diaspora Kenyans will in about 5 years achieve a fully developed town with standards similar to those in the Diaspora. 

Joining Project

A Diaspora person who is interested in becoming part of the project joins the project through the property development system. One does not need to take a job so as to become a property developer in the project. However, becoming a property developer does have the benefit of the following job terms: 

  1. Job during the development period: A person with an active Property Developer file shall qualify for a job at the University Town project during the development period.  
  2. Loss of Diaspora job. If a person with an active property developer loses their job in the Diaspora. The person can apply and receive a job offer at the town.  
  3. Relocation to Kenya. If a person with an active Property Developer file for whatever reason decides to relocate to Kenya a job shall be available in the shortest time period.   
Diaspora Kenyans already investing time and resources in the project see the project as God's call to the Diaspora to go back to Kenya and develop Kenya.
The project offers a Diaspora person the way back to Kenya. Join other Diaspora, settle and enjoy your future in Kenya, a country with the best weather and natural beauty.  
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