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Prof. Mutisya Visits Umass Amherst

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Prof. Mutiysa tours University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he graduated with his doctorate degree 1989. Prof. Mutiysa tours University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he graduated with his doctorate degree 1989.

Professor Philliph Mutisya during a visit to Massachusetts to attend a meeting for the Kenya University Project – Diaspora University at WPI in Worcester city took time to visit his former university, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, also known as Umass Amherst. The professor was excited to be back at the university, he did his Masters and PhD degrees from 1983 to 1989. He said, “I have not been back since 1989. This visit brings back fond memories.”

He remembered his Ford Granada car that he owned then; his days at Amherst town; and, about 15 Kenyans who formed the Kenya community then and were in the universities in the Western Massachusetts region: University of Massachusetts, Amherst College, Smith College and Holyoke College. Asked how learning was then he replied, “As international students, we had a strong culture of education. We worked hard on our education.”

28 years later Prof. Mutisya was very excited to visit the College of Education where he studied for his PhD in education. He was excited to see the buildings that he studied in and lived in are still intact and are advancing education. The tour made him more determined to see the Diaspora University achieved so others can achieve similar memories as well as education for their future. He said, “The education I got here enabled me have a great career and life for the past 28 years.   

The professor also remembered many of the days then and the visits by Kenyans especially during graduation. “One of the visitors who visited was Mama Ngina Kenyatta when she came for the graduation of Uhuru Kenyatta,” said Prof. Mutisya. He remembered driving her to a shop with my Ford Granada.

The professor after graduation would relocate to North Carolina, where he has had a career teaching in the universities in Raleigh and Durham regions. The professor is happy his decision to join Kenya University Project enabled him to come back to Massachusetts and rekindle memories of his student life days at the University of Massachusetts.  

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