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Rose Takes Picture of KUP - Diaspora University Town Land From Highest Point

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KUP - Diaspora University Town Land. KUP - Diaspora University Town Land.

Rose Ndiritu walked over five kilometers across the land as she climbed to the highest point of the land that the Kenya University Project – Institution Town Development plan will be developed. She and a team studied the land that will become the Diaspora University Town. β€œIt is beautiful,” Rose said of the land and the view from the highest point.

Pretty soon one will see a university, golf course, town houses, tourists in a well planned town that many will call home. Rose further visualized the land based on cities that she lived in when she was in the Diaspora.  

Lowell, MA, where she lived for 5 years is a city built on about 9,000 acres of land that has grown to about 110,000 residents. The city is home to one of the University of Massachusetts, Umass – Lowell, that has 18,000 students and 2,200 academic and administrative staff. The city has a 434 bed community hospital and approximately 30,000 residential homes.

On the other hand Worcester, MA, where Rose lived for 10 years is a city built on about 25,000 acres of land. The city has several hills and Rose was reminded more of Worcester that city that has 183,000 residents and about 35,000 students in the 9 colleges and universities in the city.

Rose is excited to be part of this new development that is needed in Kenya as Kenya population grows. Every day she works and advances the Diaspora University town project in Kenya she becomes more excited to know that pretty soon Kenya will have new towns and cities and thousands of new jobs.   

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