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50 Diaspora Get Ready to Relocate Back to Kenya & Develop Diaspora University Town

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KUP - Diaspora University Town Jobs plan. KUP - Diaspora University Town Jobs plan.

Fifty (50), Diaspora Kenyans will by the end of December have relocated back to Kenya and started the development the Kenya University Project (KUP) – Diaspora University Town in Taita Taveta. “I’m ready to go,” says Dr. Joseph Mutisya who is currently working on the university student’s enrollment plan.

Cathy Jackie, the Tourism Plan developer is part of the Diaspora who working on a relocation plan. The tourism plan Cathy is working on is a plan to grow to a 1 million per year tourism bed nights in the Diaspora University Town. “This is an average of about 3,000 bed nights,” says Cathy, who found the KUP 2013, has travelled to Las Vegas four times to work on the tourism plan and is today happy to have created her new job in Kenya. She is more excited about the new jobs the tourism plan will create in the Diaspora University Town as hotels are built to meet the 3,000 bed nights. 

The project plan is to create 20,000 new jobs in the town by December 2021 as a university, medical hospital, biotechnology plant, industries and about 500 Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are open in town. The first group of 50 Diaspora Kenyans will be followed by about 100 Diaspora every 4 months from 2018 – 2021. 2,000 jobs, 10% of the 20,000 jobs, are planned to be taken up by the Diaspora.    

Diaspora Kenyans who are not relocating back, but have joined the project as KUP Property Developers are also excited to hear Diaspora are already planning to relocate. “I’m happy that the Diaspora are going back to lead the project development,” says Grace Mugure who is a registered KUP-Property developer of the planned Town Houses in Diaspora University Town. 

The KUP-Property developer system is an innovation that makes Diaspora property developers of property in Kenya. Today, Kenya has a shortfall of 3 million housing units and yearly need of 200,000 units that results from the over 1 million yearly population growth. This adds to a need of 5 million housing units in next 10 years. Diaspora, who have registered as property developers using KUP System, are today working on plans to develop 100 units in next 10 years and retire. They are excited that KUP-Diaspora University Town housing construction plan is about to ground-break.         


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