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Diaspora University Town Houses & Jobs

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Town House Designs for Diaspora University Town House Designs for Diaspora University

More than a hundred Town House designs will be implemented in the Diaspora University Town. Several architects are currently working on the different town house designs as the Design-Build stages progress. Rose Ndiritu who was part of the Diaspora for close to 20 years is part of the Design-Build team is currently working closely with the designers. She says, “Our Design-Build team in Kenya is progressing well and we should be able to deliver diverse town houses as required.” She thanks the Diaspora who are registered as Town House developers.

The Diaspora University Town is expected to have 1,000 jobs created by the end of the first six months after the official Town development starts. This will be followed by creation of over 1,000 jobs every four months thereafter. The jobs will be created in the following plans: University, Town, Design-Build and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The town houses are planned to house the persons who shall get these jobs.  

The Town House Property Developer system enables any person in the Diaspora or in Kenya to become a Town House developer and make a return once the house is complete and sold. The concept was derived from the Diaspora experience after migration to Diaspora seeking for opportunity, jobs and a better living.  

The better living was enabled by the housing plan close to where the job was. This housing plan included: a good house, clean water, security, a clean environment, clean air, sufficient energy, medical hospital and other developments. The opportunity became not only the job and money but also the house, neighborhood and the environment one lived in after living work.  

After a few years of renting a house a person would qualify and get a housing mortgage and become a property owner. The persons who had developed the houses on selling the houses made property developer income from the sale. This is the income the Diaspora persons who use the Town House property developer system offered will make as they also become developers of the Diaspora University Town.  

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